8 Shocking Health Effects from the Fukushima Disaster

It’s been a couple years since the Fukushima disaster but the ruins are still smoldering and the negative health consequences are more pronounced than ever. The somewhat indifferent response from many governmental health agencies around the world to the Fukushima disaster was perhaps more shocking than the disaster itself. Authorities around the globe assured us … Continue reading 8 Shocking Health Effects from the Fukushima Disaster

8 Must-Know Facts About Fukushima Radiation

It’s been nearly three years since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 but the after-effects continue. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed more than 20,000 men, women and children, devastated areas of northeast Japan, and brought untold horror and misery to many survivors. The core meltdown and release of radioactive material at … Continue reading 8 Must-Know Facts About Fukushima Radiation

5 Things You’re Not Being Told About Fukushima

In March 2011, a massive earthquake and an ensuing tsunami triggered the meltdown of three nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. Almost 4 years later we’re still seeing repercussions of the disaster, and the effects will likely continue for decades. This disaster is contributing to untold health concerns and environmental damage. Five Things You … Continue reading 5 Things You’re Not Being Told About Fukushima

New Leak Detected at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

More bad news from the site of the Fukushima disaster — a leak directly into the seawater was detected at the plant. The new leak, which caused radiation contamination to escalate up to 70 times greater than usual, has been swept under the rug by the company that operates the plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO). This … Continue reading New Leak Detected at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Iodine Book Review

Healing with Iodine: your missing link to better health (2018) by Dr. Mark Sircus, OMD, DM. (Publisher: Square One Publishers, Inc. at http://www.squareonepublishers.com) Book review by Tamar Clarke www.nutritionalmedicine.info. One of the most startling facts that can be found in this book is that ninety percent (90%) of the population in the United States are deficient in … Continue reading Iodine Book Review

Thyroid Cancer & Iodine

Medical ignorance is epidemic and nowhere is this more evident than in how contemporary medicine views and treats thyroid cancer. Overtreatment of thyroid cancer with radioactive iodine is rampant even though there is substantial uncertainty about the indications for radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer. Radioactive iodine absorbed by the thyroid can injure the gland. There was a large increase … Continue reading Thyroid Cancer & Iodine

Nutritional Causes of Cancer

It is still hard for many of us to believe disease and nutrition are intimately linked. One main reason is that our food supply has become contaminated with antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, many environmental poisons and heavy metals including neuro-toxic mercury. Foods like milk today carry radioactive iodine because when Fukushima blew up it cast … Continue reading Nutritional Causes of Cancer