Endobiont = Prion

Prof. Enderlein called the very basic particle, ground form of all other developments, “Endobiont”, deriving from the Greek word endobios (endo = inside, bios = live). The word endobios is clearly defined by Thesaurus as “live of organisms within a medium or an organ of animals and human beings, e.g. in the intestines”. These relationships … Continue reading Endobiont = Prion


Understanding Pleomorphism

Pleomorphism (pleo = many; morph = form) is the ability of microbes to change into many varied forms in a developmental cycle, depending on the conditions of the environment. This theory was primarily pioneered by the German microbiologist Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein (1872-1968) who wrote ‘Bacteria Cyclogeny’, published in 1925, in addition to over 500 scientific papers. … Continue reading Understanding Pleomorphism