The history of the Monomorphism and Pleomorphism

Approximately around 1898 a controversy among the scientists over the kind, the nature and the behaviour of the bacteria began. Up to then one knew the spleen fire exciters, the Cholera germ, the Diphtheria, typhoid fever, Tuberculosis and the Syphilis germ. Mainly two thinking directions took the true nature up of the bacteria for itself … Continue reading The history of the Monomorphism and Pleomorphism


What is a chondrit?

To this day, the cell is regarded as the ultimate organic unit, out of which all higher organisms are built up. Even Haeckel believed he had found the proto-organism in the one-celled protozoans. When I formulated the concept Symprotit and its sub-unit Protit as the primeval unit of life in the form of a quite … Continue reading What is a chondrit?


As from Dr. Med. Maria-M Bleker's, Blood Examination in Darkfield according to Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein; "In the new formation of filum and head, atomic-physical and quantum-biological factors play a decisive role. This is visible from the sudden occurrences by the leap of these new formations. The formational processes of a filum with a head … Continue reading THE LAW OF CYCLOGENY

Günther Enderlein

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Günther Enderlein Born 7 July 1872 Leipzig Died 11 August 1968 (aged 96) Wentdorf, near Hamburg Nationality German Fields Zoology Entomology Known for Theories on Pleomorphism Günther Enderlein (7 July 1872 – 11 August 1968) was a German zoologist, entomologist and later a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. Enderlein got some international renown … Continue reading Günther Enderlein