What is a chondrit?

To this day, the cell is regarded as the ultimate organic unit, out of which all higher organisms are built up. Even Haeckel believed he had found the proto-organism in the one-celled protozoans. When I formulated the concept Symprotit and its sub-unit Protit as the primeval unit of life in the form of a quite … Continue reading What is a chondrit?

Günther Enderlein

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Günther Enderlein Born 7 July 1872 Leipzig Died 11 August 1968 (aged 96) Wentdorf, near Hamburg Nationality German Fields Zoology Entomology Known for Theories on Pleomorphism Günther Enderlein (7 July 1872 – 11 August 1968) was a German zoologist, entomologist and later a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. Enderlein got some international renown … Continue reading Günther Enderlein