Should You Use Weight Loss Supplements?

Most people want to lose weight to experience the benefits of having a healthy body and avoid the problems of not. The stresses of excessive weight include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and the spectrum of problems caused by toxins are experiences we’re better off to avoid. One of the cornerstones to achieving and maintaining a healthy … Continue reading Should You Use Weight Loss Supplements?

Water and Weight Loss

Water Does a Body Good Did you know over half of your body weight is made up of water? Water plays an enormous role in the human body function. Every enzymatic and chemical reaction in the body occurs with the help of water. Water transports hormones, nutrients, oxygen and antibodies. It regulates body temperature, helps maintain … Continue reading Water and Weight Loss

Green Tea for Weight Loss?

A growing body of evidence supports the effectiveness of green tea for weight loss. The key ingredient in green tea that purported to help the body lose weight is a compound known as EGCG. Research shows that it helps increase metabolism, stimulate the oxidation of fat, and helps the body increase fat excretion. Recent studies … Continue reading Green Tea for Weight Loss?

6 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Body

What’s going on with your fitness routine? Where are you at with it? If you’re on the up swing- that’s awesome, stick with it. If you’re not, why not? What happened to hitting the gym this week? Did Monday quickly turn into Friday and the evenings faded away under a glow from the television set? … Continue reading 6 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Body

16 Advantages Of Rebounding For Weight Loss

You must make exercise a foundation of your weight loss plan, that’s not negotiable. Exercise is important and effective for weight loss because it requires your muscles to burn extra calories for energy. Exercise sets your muscles up to grow and get stronger. When your muscle mass increases, your basal metabolic rate does as well. … Continue reading 16 Advantages Of Rebounding For Weight Loss

Does Quick Weight Loss Exist?

Thousands of diet gurus are standing by right now to trade their weight loss plans for your hard earned dollars. Unfortunately, to the contrary of the advertisements, gimmicks and gadgets never add up to a permanent weight loss solution. The quickest way to lose weight is to eat healthy, exercise daily, and, depending on your … Continue reading Does Quick Weight Loss Exist?

7 Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Dieting can be a struggle. There is a misconception that in order to lose weight, it’s necessary to stop eating. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is necessary to cut out junk food, refined sugars, and other pitfalls; but these must be replaced with raw and organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts. In your quest … Continue reading 7 Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Juicing for Weight Loss

Turning to juicing when you’re trying to lose weight will help you do more than simply shed pounds and be a nutritious food source that supplies your body with high quality calories to be used for energy. If you had previously consumed a diet with unhealthy food with toxins, an immediate switch to raw, organic, … Continue reading Juicing for Weight Loss

How to Get Rid of a Beer Belly

Readers and clients often ask me about how they can lose weight around their mid-section. For most people, that is consistently a problematic area that doesn’t seem to go away despite efforts with diet and exercise. Oftentimes, this extra weight comes from what we all know as the “beer belly.” That unsightly pudge that comes … Continue reading How to Get Rid of a Beer Belly

Indian-Inspired Green Lentil Salad with Spiced Carrots

Carrots are rarely the star of any dish, but in this green lentil salad recipe from One Green Planet, the spiced carrots really shine. You can spiralize your carrots, but I recommend using a peeler to get thin, pretty ribbons for your salad. If you can find red, purple, or yellow carrots, give them a try! … Continue reading Indian-Inspired Green Lentil Salad with Spiced Carrots