A Timeline of Vitamin Medicine

Andrew Saul goes back over 80 years, looking at the amazing documented history of vitamins curing disease.   Related Post Is Vitamin C Really as Effective as Exercise? Vitamin C May Be Beneficial for Asthmatic Children, Study Suggests Health Benefits of Vitamin C and Best Natural Sources 16 Foods High in Vitamin C


Stop the 5 Causes of Inflammation: FAST!

There are 5 main things that cause inflammation or are related to inflammation. Food allergies Hormones Gallbladder Old Injuries Lack of K2 and D3       Related Post Eat These 8 Foods to Help Beat RA Inflammation 6 Healthy Foods that Cause Inflammation Blood & Liver Cleansing Mom’s Exposure to Microbes Lowers Allergies in … Continue reading Stop the 5 Causes of Inflammation: FAST!

Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

Is what you eat good for your teeth? Find out which foods help promote healthy teeth and gums. You probably know that gooey, sticky candy isn't exactly great for your teeth. But when it comes to diet and your teeth, what you should eat is just as important as what you shouldn't. "Variety and moderation … Continue reading Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

Intravenous Therapy – Myers Cocktail

The "Myers Cocktail" is an intravenous therapy consisting of various mixes of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It can be very useful in situations where oral nutrients or other therapies are not working. When nutrients are given intravenously, your digestive system is bypassed and a much higher level of nutrition can be delivered directly to … Continue reading Intravenous Therapy – Myers Cocktail

Two Types of Calcium Deficiency

Source: Two Types of Calcium Deficiency by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM  When considering the crucial role that calcium plays within the body, it is no wonder that a deficiency of this mineral can lead to a whole series of problems – many of which can not only heavily impact your way of life … Continue reading Two Types of Calcium Deficiency

3 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin D3

Conversations on the benefits of vitamin D have taken the health industry by storm. A goldmine of pioneering studies around the turn of the 21st century on vitamin D have reported incredible findings about the “Sunshine Vitamin” and its positive effects on bone health, the immune system, and good health in general. 3 Benefits of Vitamin D3 … Continue reading 3 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin D3

Can Vitamin D Levels Predict Depression?

You probably know that vitamin D plays an important role in your health, helping to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. It’s also possible that you have heard that Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a variety of health problems, including rickets, breast cancer, heart disease, and weight gain. But what you most likely haven’t … Continue reading Can Vitamin D Levels Predict Depression?

10 Facts about Calcium

Did you know that calcium accounts for around 1.5 to 2 percent of your body weight? This vital mineral is perhaps best known to strengthen bones, teeth, the heart, and slash your risk of developing a number of diseases. On the contrary, a calcium deficiency can lead to common conditions like hypertension, seizures, and much more. Perhaps … Continue reading 10 Facts about Calcium

What Is Calcium?

Calcium is, quite simply, an essential element that is highly important for living organisms to survive. This includes humans and 1.5 to 2% of a human’s overall body weight consists of the element calcium. Represented by the elemental symbol of ‘Ca’, a certain amount of calcium is required each day in order to avoid a … Continue reading What Is Calcium?

What I Would Do For The Flu

Disclaimer: People have been asking me what I would do and how I would boost my immune system during a pandemic but I first need to state that the last time I released information like this, the FDA came in my office and forced me to dispose of all natural remedies that I had developed and … Continue reading What I Would Do For The Flu