Vaccine pushers change rules for reporting adverse events to unscientifically claim vaccines are safe

A major hurdle in the self-appointed elite’s push to vaccinate Third World people groups is the commonality of vaccine-associated adverse events, also known as adverse events following immunization (AEFI), which more often than not expose vaccines as dangerous and ineffective. But a recent report compiled by Dr. Jacob Puliyel, a pediatrician based in New Delhi, India, reveals that the vaccine pushers have found a sneaky way around this by simply redefining what an AEFI is to make it seem as though they aren’t all that common.

Chapter 16 of the 2013/14 India Infrastructure Report, which was published by the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice, contains a section specifically devoted to the safety concerns associated with vaccines. Particularly with regard to multivalent vaccines like the combination hepatitis B, H. influenzae B, and DPT Triple Antigen vaccine, which is unique to developing countries, the science suggests considerable dangers associated with these jabs that have been covertly veiled from public view.

With billions of dollars already invested into their development and distribution, vaccines developed specifically for the Third World aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, even if they are dangerous. As the report explains, the system has made it exceptionally difficult to link major injuries and deaths following vaccinations to the vaccines themselves, a situation that has only gotten worse as special interests have gradually tweaked the reporting guidelines for AEFIs.

“When deaths occur soon after the administration of a vaccine, the investigating team looks for other plausible explanations for the reaction,” explains the report, highlighting the preemptive policy of vaccines being assumed safe unless proven otherwise, which leaves plenty of room for subjective interpretation. “The vaccine is considered as probably the cause of the adverse event only when there is no alternate explanation (according to WHO’s Brighton classification).”

When pentavalent vaccines started killing people in Africa, WHO altered AEFI reporting guidelines

Oxy-Powder® is a safe and effective colon cleanse product that harnesses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive tract.Concerning the pentavalent vaccine, which was immediately observed to cause death in some people following its introduction in Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) Working Group on Vaccine Pharmacovigilance and its pro-vaccine ally, the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences, simply recreated the AEFI reporting algorithm to trim back any possible links to the vaccine.

“[I]n Sri Lanka the WHO experts found no alternate explanation for the deaths following use of the pentavalent vaccine so they deleted the categories ‘possibly related and probably related’ from the Brighton Classification and certified that the adverse event following immunisation (AEFI) was unlikely to be related to immunisation,” adds the report.

This change is akin to the one made by the Japanese government following the Fukushima disaster, when maximum contamination thresholds for radiation in food and water were arbitrarily upped to publicly convey an illusion of safety. Food, water and even major cities experienced dramatic radiation increases, of course, but the deliberate change in criteria made it seem as though all was the same.

In the case of vaccines, even the fallback option of a presumed causal relationship between vaccines and AEFIs when no other option proves viable has been eliminated, leaving no viable or congruent method of honestly assessing vaccine safety, which of course benefits vaccine companies seeking to withdraw themselves from liability for damages.

“The presumption that any AEFI must be considered as ‘probably’ related to vaccine if there is no alternate explanation for the adverse event has been done away with,” says the report.

“The new algorithm suggests that only reactions that meet ‘AEFI-specific case definitions’ will be classified as AEFI and investigated. If the vaccine is new, like the pentavalent vaccine, deaths following vaccination may be classified as ‘[Not an AEFI].’ Using this new method of evaluating causality, all the deaths that have occurred have been classified as ‘Not an AEFI.'”

You can access the full text of Chapter 16 in the report here:[PDF]

Ethan A. Huff

Sources for this article include:[PDF]

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