Bicarbonate & Magnesium – Medical Baths

I could have called this book Therapeutic Bicarbonate Magnesium Baths but I chose the word medical to distinguish the difference between something calming, soothing and gradually therapeutic and what I am going to stress in this book – a stronger kind of medical intervention where we are looking for immediate effects as we would in an emergency room. As such, … Continue reading Bicarbonate & Magnesium – Medical Baths

Hydrogen is Serious Medicine for Cancer

It is hard to lose with hydrogen. Hydrogen gas (H2) benefits cancer patients through prevention. It also helps us fight cancer directly minimizing its spread. Useful as an effective adjunct to radiation and chemotherapy treatments. It is easy to imagine hydrogen improving the quality of life of patients receiving cancer treatment. Hydrogen gas inhalation is … Continue reading Hydrogen is Serious Medicine for Cancer

Infections as a Cause of Cancer

Cancer, always believed to be caused by genetic cell mutations—can in reality be caused by infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. “I believe that, conservatively, 15 to 20% of all cancer is caused by infections; however, the number could be larger—maybe double,” said Dr. Andrew Dannenberg, director of the Cancer Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill … Continue reading Infections as a Cause of Cancer

Digestion-How Food Gets Insideya

A tour through the digestion tract discussing the various steps in the process as well as some complications. Some problems created by mistreatment that can lead to serious health problems are presented. Digestion-How Food Gets Insideya Length: 1:25:13 min Related Post 9 Proven Indigestion Remedies You Can Try Today Betaine Hydrochloride: How it helps with … Continue reading Digestion-How Food Gets Insideya

Important News about Bicarbonates, Cancer, the Pancreas, Diabetes and Fungal Infections

As the worlds foremost expert on sodium bicarbonate use as a primer medicine I will break the second law of general semantics and yell from the top of the highest mountain through the strongest radio antenna that ALL cancer patients, all diabetics, AIDS and kidney patients, suffers of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease, autistic children, those … Continue reading Important News about Bicarbonates, Cancer, the Pancreas, Diabetes and Fungal Infections

Bicarb Magical Mineral Supplement

Correct, we are not talking about MMS, which is toxic and dangerous and is easily replaced with iodine, which does many if not all the things MMS is supposed to be famous for. Above is a picture of a real magical mineral product that tastes good—so is easy to take enough of it to make a … Continue reading Bicarb Magical Mineral Supplement

Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field and its Credibility

Biggest disadvantage of Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field is the fact it is based on observations and interpretations with no general scientific acceptance. Anybody with possibilities of self-publication has therefore the chance to voice his own interpretations. Thus was the situation over 50 years ago already and it will never change. However, practitioners doing … Continue reading Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field and its Credibility

Hydrogen, Bicarbonate, Magnesium and ATP

The Nobel Prize was awarded to Dr. Peter Mitchell in 1978 for his theory of chemiosmosis. According to his model, Hydrogen is essential in the production of ATP in the mitochondria, the source of all energy in the cells, and therefore the body. This works through hydrogen dehydrogenase, a flavoprotein catalyzing the conversion of NAD+ to NADH … Continue reading Hydrogen, Bicarbonate, Magnesium and ATP

Cost of Cancer Treatments – Natural Allopathic Vs. Allopathic

The Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol that I have developed is effective for most diseases. The first 4-7 components of the 17 level protocol gives lower-income or under-insured people of the world a fighting chance of recovering from cancer or other diseases. The core of the protocol are natural emergency room and intensive care medicines with extraordinary medical horsepower. They … Continue reading Cost of Cancer Treatments – Natural Allopathic Vs. Allopathic

Divine Cancer Mathematics

We can plot out important things with cancer statistics. If science tells us that a substance, whether toxic or not, increases or decreases the chance of getting or recovering from cancer they are telling us something significant that we can make use of. “Divine Cancer Mathematics” is simple! Just add up enough substances that reduce … Continue reading Divine Cancer Mathematics