We are providing 3 day’s / 6 day’s each 8 hour classes or also online, a one by one training in Live Blood Dark field Analysis Courses

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Cell Fuzion™ is an advanced antioxidant formula that protects cells against harmful free radicals and environmental toxins. It also supports healthy aging.Dr. Eddy Bettermann is from Germany and teach more than 12 years Live Blood Dark field Microscopy Analysis in Asia and around the world. In the tradition of the Professor Enderlein’s Theory. Why we are teaching live blood cell analysis? what are the benefits?

Prof. Enderlein observed blood samples with the technique of dark field microscopy, which is also called live blood analysis. As the name suggests, the blood cells and particles are alive and not dead like in stained samples used by hematologists.

Enderlein’s “Endobiont” only had meanings to dark field microscopists following his teaching and was frowned upon by conventional medical science.

All of this changed by the outbreak of “mad cow’s disease” in 1996. People reportedly became infected by contaminated beef suffering “Creutzfeld-Jacob-Disease”, the equivalent in humans.

Very few people were born with high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure. It is an acquired condition. But why do so many people suffer from it today? The answer is simple – it is a multi billion dollar business.

Just imagine there was a way to bring cholesterol and blood pressure levels back to normal without pills. This way, in fact, exists, but is, for obvious reasons, not welcomed by the conventional health industry.

What has all of this got to do with dark field live blood analysis?

Platelet and Fibrin complexes are easily seen in dark field. They are much bigger then red blood cells and easily block capillaries. Behind this are explanation based on a concept of Biological Medicine, so another concept with another approach than allopathic medicine.
The greatest Benefit of Dark Field Live Blood Analysis – Health Prevention
Biggest disadvantage of Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field is the fact it is based on observations and interpretations with no general scientific acceptance. Anybody with possibilities of self-publication has therefore the chance to voice his own interpretations. Thus was the situation over 50 years ago already and it will never change.
However, practitioners doing Live Blood Analysis should at least be able to identify blood parts correctly, which are also seen by hematologists in stained bright field samples. This is a must in order to gain any form of credibility of Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field.


*Student from KL Malaysia in the Class of Dr. Eddy’s Live Cell Blood Analysis Courses. (Available every month, or as online course)

This unique course covers the width and breath of this very interesting topic. The objective of this course is to give you readily applicable knowledge of phase contrast, dark field and brightfield microscopy. In order to give you a broad and balanced perspective, it encompasses both the present medical view, the latest research as well as the pleomorphic view.

Contact us when are the next 3-day’s- ( $ 750), -6 day’s ($ 1.500) course’s, when are the very intensive live blood cell analysis course are available. The outline and the content of the course material for each courses are the same as we are also providing online. So there is no difference only in the time and intensity. Usually we are using the 3 day course as a refreshing course, and the 6 day course as more intensive training.

If you are interesting in our online course with Dr. Eddy, the outline for the course you will find here.

What we offer you in our online live blood analysis course:
You can choose, you want to buy the full online course with Dr. Eddy’s one by one training via email, also can be arranged an appointment for online conference via zoom (option 1: $ 320 you can pay the course fee direct via PayPal) or you are interesting only to purchase the live blood CD (option 2: $120 you can pay the course fee direct via PayPal). After we receive your course fee payment, we will contact you and send you the links where you can download the course material.

Discussion of therapeutic intervention will include antihomotoxic remedies, nutritional & dietary intervention, herbs, glandulars, well-researched enzyme preparations and also some remedies.

darkfield-solutionNext to the copious course notes, each attendee will receive a interactive dark field live blood analysis video course with comprehensive explanation (can also downloaded without the course), a complementary Biological Analysis script which is another, yet very related course in it own right. This gives the video microscopy course (can also purchased as online course, and can downloaded after payment) a very broad footing indeed.

If you were looking for worthwhile training on a worthwhile topic, then you have found what you were looking for.

Live Blood Analysis Dark Field Microscopy explained

Length: 2:08 min

3 day / 6 day Live Blood Dark field Analysis Courses

  • brief introduction of course attendees
  • concepts: Integrative Medical Clinic, Colon Cleansing, Ozone Treatment, Why Ozone?
  • medical physiology appropriate to the Milieu Intérieur
  • Darkfield and Phase Contrast optical physics – Internet links
  • hematology, starts with normal cell morphology and function, basics hematology
  • pleomorphism I: Bacteria Cyclogeny and Somatidian Cycle, Protit, Endobiont
  • Cycle of Imbalance, Cycle of Balance
  • setting up your microscope & how to take care of it
  • practicum I: microscopes & Live Blood
  • confidently recognizing what’s under the microscope; abnormal cell morphology of red blood cells, white blood cells, thrombocytes and serum issues including bacterial forms, mycoplasma, crystalline deposits, ascits, filits, fungus/yeast markers, heterogenous plaque etcetera
  • pleomorphism II: Prof. Guenther Enderlein, Ullmann Jensen research
  • practicum II: Live Blood
  • further clinical hematology theory
  • practicum III: Live Blood DIY
  • physiology behind the OST/MOST/HLB™ test i.e. the dried layered blood analysis test
  • appropriate OST/MOST/HLB™ test pattern recognition
  • medical physiology & pathology relating to the anomalies you may see
  • practicum IV pertaining particularly to the OST/MOST/HLB™ test
  • more general clinical cleansing management
  • appropriate recapitulation of material
  • blood images quiz to strengthen your gathered knowledge
  • certificate of attendance signed by tutor (s)

Course notes consist of full color note-page-printouts of some 300 PowerPoint slides. Thus you can follow the tutor (s) slide-by-slide during the course, as well as recall the lecture more easily when you review the material at home. Other than perhaps the odd scribble you need not touch a pen so you can totally concentrate on what is being said & done.

This course is very firmly aimed at enabling health professionals to practice this interesting topic in a clinically responsible fashion. Many claims are being made about what one can do with Live Blood Analysis and this course will blow the trumpet of caution on several popular assumptions.


*Student from KL Malaysia in the Class of Dr. Eddy’s Live Cell Blood Analysis Courses. (Available every month)

That way you are going to end up with 1) a balanced view and 2) greater clinical confidence. By examining this topic in an comparative way from several angles you will get an excellent grasp of what is reasonable and above all what works in clinical practice!! Evidence-based Medicine is fashionable so it seemed reasonable to give you an evidence-based course as much as this is possible. For instance, some courses mention that target cells are linked to a lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase (LCAT) deficiency but few deliver the (patho) physiological model behind it.
After the known enzymatic coagulation cascade and the metabolic/nutritional details to do with it, blood coagulation morphology remains pure pattern recognition. Unfortunately this must be accepted. This course endeavors to explain medical certainties behind the patterns wherever this is possible and discuss differing points of view.

Of course this is a practical course; the day after you should be able to make a good job of testing your family & friends and soon feel confident to use it in your clinic.

Following this course you are welcome to e-mail me queries (possibly accompanied by captured live blood images) about a difficult clinical case or microscopes. My one word of warning is do not buy a cheap microscope, they are cheap for good reason. If your field is Optimal Nutrition then why go for equipment that doesn’t show you all you need to see to do your job right. Think about that.

This Live Blood Microscopy Course course outline for 3/6 very full days of tuition and includes 2 Integrated Medical Clinic Analysis script (which is a related course in itself) and the copious course notes. The number of attendees is limited to a maximum of 5.

In Philippines, where significantly less people have enrolled for this course as compared to the Continent, shepherding of attendees needs to be done to arrive at an economically viable course i.e. dates are set after a critical number of people has been reached.

Blood Slide Preparation

Length: 3:51 min

Not all blood microscopy courses are equal.

It matters hugely what course you take as to what clinical perspective & prescriptions you end up using afterwards. Courses biased towards pleomorphism (Prof. Enderlein) invariably make you biased to practice along those lines. That is why this course covers all aspects, in depth and without bias.

Simply enroll using this form or send an e-mail to Dr. Eddy stating that you want to attend this unique  online course on Live Blood & Coagulation Morphology Microscopy. If you interesting in the 3 day’s or 6 day’s Course. He will then e-mail you back for your details and discuss forthcoming courses. Enrolment is on a strict first-paid first-served basis.

Prof. Enderlein’s observations in Darkfield are meticulously documented in his book Bacteria Cyclogeny but there are no (referenced) articles in peer reviewed medical journals available.

People have asked if there is any pre-course reading they can do. There are many books on hematology that can refresh your memory on the different blood corpuscules. You must remember that such books predominantly show stained preps and not ‘live blood’ as we do, but still it is a sensible start. Books on pleomorphism aren’t quite so readily available but you can browse the Internet for the magazine Explore website which will provide you with some interesting pleomorphic articles. Also it may be useful to read the various clinical examples. For now, we look forward to welcoming you on our course.

On the CD are explanations and videos which Dr. Eddy use in his course, and the students like to use them after course as well to continue the study, because It is quiet comprehensive. Dr. Eddy will guide you step by step trough the same course topics also in his online course and he use the same detailed course outline as in his classes by the one to one training.

BOOK – Biological Medicine – The Future of Natural Healing – by Thomas Rau

biological_medicine_bookBiological Medicine
The Future of Natural Healing
By Thomas Rau, M.D.Published for the first time in this form, Biological Medicine is a combination of the latest diagnostic technology and a broad range of traditional, natural healing methods including holistic dentistry and orthomolecular medicine.

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