Every system in the body depends on water[1] Enzyme production, digestion, detoxification, even the beating of your heart are all processes that require water. Water is a solvent for minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. Water is essential for the elimination of waste. Water is involved with everything and there’s a good reason “drink more water” is advice that’s frequently dispensed.
We are follow the influences of alkaline antioxidants water trough the microscope in the blood, since we are and our patients convinced from the amazing health benefits of AOX – alkaline antioxidants water, we recommend AOX equipment in our daily practices.
There’s a big difference in natural and artificial alkaline drinking systems, and this is what makes AOX stand out from the usual alkaline ionizers. Traditional water ionizers use electricity to create a chemical change to produce artificial alkaline water – which results in generating acidic waste and emits damaging radiation. By contrast, there are numerous … Read more

Facts on what makes AOX water different from the rest.

We are recommend Naturally, the Most Effective Antioxidant Alkaline Water Here 10 reasons why to choose an antioxidant alkaline water 10 Reasons to Choose AOX Singapore’s Preferred Alkaline Water Dispenser No acidic water wastage No harmful radiation 100% natural and safe Convenient – Instant Hot/Cold water Can be used by all ages and with medication …Read more




AOX-Lite 2 Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser + Healthy Airborne Negative Ions


Category: Non-Electricity Water Dispenser




Each box of AOX-10 contains 10 T-bags. Each T-bag is able to produce up to 30L of alkaline water.

Category: The AOX Traveller

Turn ordinary drinking water into antioxidant alkaline water in minutes!

Carry it with you, and you will have antioxidant alkaline water on the go!

Caution: Do not use where water is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection.

Lifespan: 1 month or 30 litres

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AOX-200 Portable Antioxidant Alkalizer

$178.00 $99.00

Category: The AOX Traveller

Organic, Plant-Based Zinc

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