The interactive Blood CD and the Certified Training Live Blood Analysis online course is hold by Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD, by email, video chat after appointment.The interactive Live Blood CD is a Self Installs Powerpoint viewer and runs from disk, newer version are on a thumb drive (USB Flash drive).

Screenshot Live blood CD

The interactive Live Blood CD (this CD can also without the course purchased) in our Darkfield Microscopy online one by one training (downloadable after payment) has many videos, pictures and explanations, but will be not enough, from our experience over the last 10 years, to understand the background of this topics. It helps us a lot to teach in the correspondence course to pointing certain topics out and underline, our explanation and will be easier for you to understand your questions (in our online course is the CD included plus 2 detailed manuals with explains the whole concept of pleomorphism in theory and practice. If you want to listen some testimonials, what other students say.

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Comprehensive guide to Dark Field Microscopy Live Blood Analysis by Dr Hilbert Seeger, MD PhD. Over 100 video clips filmed by Dr Seeger to demonstrate Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field based on Haematology. This is an interactive teaching course where you learn Live Blood Analysis in the comfort of your home or use it as reference in your clinic. There are many clips on YouTube that demonstrate the quality of live blood in dark field filmed by Dr Seeger. Explanatory video how the interactive course on USB flash memory drive works here:

Certified Training Courses in Live Blood Analysis.

What will I Learn?

Learn how to prepare a contamination free sample for high-level dark field viewing. Practice under guidance and become confident in what you are doing. Enjoy ongoing support afterwards. Every student receives a Live Blood Analysis USB stick (can also purchased without online course) for ongoing studies at home.

Courses run online, which includes a copy of Interactive Dark Field Microscopy Training USB flash memory drive, the Number One Reference in Live Blood Analysis today.

You decide how many days of training you need.

Live Blood Analysis – Bacterial form

Bacteria forming in red blood cells as seen in dark field microscopy

Bacteria forming in red blood cells as seen in dark field microscopy

Video Length: 1 minute

Platelet aggregation


Now available on USB memory stick

Excerpts from Interactive Dark Field Training on USB stick

Cardio-vascular disease and Live Blood Analysis

Few people were born with high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure. It is an acquired condition. It all starts with a condition Linus Pauling called “sub-clinical Vitamin C deficiency”. One function of Vitamin C is to act as a cofactor in the hydroxylation of lysine and proline in collagen formation. Collagen is a fibrous structural protein. One function of it is to strengthen blood vessels. Environmental toxins, smoking and “modern living” in general increases need for Vitamin C. Processed foods from supermarkets and junk food outlets do not provide sufficient Vitamin C on a daily basis. Still enough not to suffer from scurvy but not enough overall. Blood vessels become brittle with little cracks. The body’s defense is to mend these cracks with cholesterol and the liver increases cholesterol production.Conventional medical approach of this condition is to prescribe pills to lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as aspirin to make platelets non-sticky.
Platelet and Fibrin complexes are easily seen in dark field (see arrows in picture). They are much bigger then red blood cells and easily block capillaries. Here is one of the greatest benefits of live blood analysis in dark field. Show these complexes on the screen to patients and explain that they easily obstruct capillaries because they are much bigger then red blood cells. People can visualize this and therefore understand what you are talking about. They will also understand that blockage of capillaries leads to diminished oxygen supply in tissues, which sets off feedback mechanisms telling the brain to turn the pressure up to counteract this. Patients will understand that small plaques can accumulate at sides where cholesterol was used to mend cracks in bigger arteries, eventually occluding it totally. They understand, if it happens in a coronary artery you suffer a heart attack and if it happens in a cerebellar artery you suffer a stroke. And they understand something needs to be done about it.

Dark Field Microscopy Live Blood Analysis – Cardio-Vascular Disease

Dark Field Microscopy Live Blood Analysis – Cardio-Vascular Disease

Video Length: 1:14 minutes

Note: There are extensive explanations for every picture and movie on the USB not published here; interesting in  the Live Blood CD and the online course?

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On the CD are explanations and videos which Dr. Eddy use in his course, and the students like to use them after course as well to continue the study, because It is quiet comprehensive. Dr. Eddy will guide you step by step trough the online course and he use the same detailed course outline as in his classes by the one to one training.

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    1. Of course you can see this, if you have images or videos before the vaccination and after of your blood; but the most question what I get it so far is, can you reverse it? First, never doing any boosters again and learn how to detox the spike protein; we will discuss this topic in extension in our live blood course; you will not find any information about this topic on the live blood cd; the live blood cd guides you with images and videos to understand and getting optical and written explanations, what you see in the blood; a guideline will be necessary to answer your questions; this will be done, in one hand through our comprehensive course material and in another hand I will personally explain you via email or video chat, how to reverse this forms (spike proteins or prions) in lower forms. I suggest you noted our promotion of the live blood darkfield microscopy online course until of the end of this month; its 50% percent of our course fee.


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