Human Photosynthesis

Not only is the water in our cells sensitive to light so is everything else including our genetic material. The cells respond with hypersensitivity to influences that come from outside the cell. We are our cells and then we are more than that, more than the sum of our parts. What you are about to … Continue reading Human Photosynthesis

Iodine Book Review

Healing with Iodine: your missing link to better health (2018) by Dr. Mark Sircus, OMD, DM. (Publisher: Square One Publishers, Inc. at Book review by Tamar Clarke One of the most startling facts that can be found in this book is that ninety percent (90%) of the population in the United States are deficient in … Continue reading Iodine Book Review

Anise Seed: An All-Natural Remedy For Candida & Fungus

Source: Anise Seed: An All-Natural Remedy For Candida & Fungus by Dr. Edward Group With delicate, white floral bouquets atop long branches, the anise plant lends a lovely look to any yard or wild field. Related to fennel and Queen Anne’s lace, anise (Pimpinella anisum) is originally native to the eastern Mediterranean region. While the lacy … Continue reading Anise Seed: An All-Natural Remedy For Candida & Fungus

Oncologists Conceal Toxicity Issues & Bias

Conventional cancer treatments aren’t working for women with breast cancer. Women are falling into a cancer industry machine only to be spit out at the other end, permanently damaged and still with no reasonable assurance of long-term survival. Lord Maurice Saatchi is calling for the law relating to cancer treatment to be changed in England. He describes … Continue reading Oncologists Conceal Toxicity Issues & Bias

Infections as a Cause of Cancer

Cancer, always believed to be caused by genetic cell mutations—can in reality be caused by infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. “I believe that, conservatively, 15 to 20% of all cancer is caused by infections; however, the number could be larger—maybe double,” said Dr. Andrew Dannenberg, director of the Cancer Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill … Continue reading Infections as a Cause of Cancer

Digestion-How Food Gets Insideya

A tour through the digestion tract discussing the various steps in the process as well as some complications. Some problems created by mistreatment that can lead to serious health problems are presented. Digestion-How Food Gets Insideya Length: 1:25:13 min Related Post 9 Proven Indigestion Remedies You Can Try Today Betaine Hydrochloride: How it helps with … Continue reading Digestion-How Food Gets Insideya

Anti-inflammatory Cancer Treatments

In Latin, the word "inflammation" means "ignite, set alight" and like gasoline, that’s exactly what it does for cancer. A microenvironment of chronic inflammation sets the stage for cancer.  Inflammation increases chemotherapy resistance and turn on oncogenes, genes that can turn cells into tumors. Inflammation promotes the spreading and mutating of cancer cells while continuing … Continue reading Anti-inflammatory Cancer Treatments

Important News about Bicarbonates, Cancer, the Pancreas, Diabetes and Fungal Infections

As the worlds foremost expert on sodium bicarbonate use as a primer medicine I will break the second law of general semantics and yell from the top of the highest mountain through the strongest radio antenna that ALL cancer patients, all diabetics, AIDS and kidney patients, suffers of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease, autistic children, those … Continue reading Important News about Bicarbonates, Cancer, the Pancreas, Diabetes and Fungal Infections

Understanding Toxemia!

There are many books and articles written on the subject of toxicity and methods of removal from the body. This broadcast discusses in depth the history and nature of body toxicity also referred to as toxemia. Dr. J.R. Tilden wrote in 1926 that there is only one disease - Toxemia. Understanding Toxemia! 57:28 min Related … Continue reading Understanding Toxemia!

Vitamins and Minerals – Are They Necessary? Part 2

Over the last century the depletion of soil nutrients has led to severe nutrient poor food. Unless one has a known food source grown in good soil it has become necessary to take quality whole food supplements if we are to regain and maintain good health. Vitamins and Minerals - Are They Necessary? Part 2 … Continue reading Vitamins and Minerals – Are They Necessary? Part 2