If You are interesting and benefiting from our Membership:



V.I.P. membership (US$ 250,- per year). In the price is included 1 year online doctor
consultation. Even if you need a daily advice for 1 year – many people all over the world benefit from them. This is a one time payment per year and no further consultation will be charged. If you want to try just one month to test our service, you can also purchase one month membership (US$ 50,- per month).
We can correspond by email and if it necessary we can make appointments via skype as much are necessary.

The Complete List of Benefits Below:

Dr. Eddy’s “Ask the Doctor” Forum:

Dr. Eddy not only answers your questions in an open forum, but he has already posted over ten thousand detailed, searchable responses. Plus, you may count on his writing many more each week.

Members only Teleconferences:

Conducted personally by Dr. Eddy. He’ll tackle questions about  your diet, nutrition and health.

Weekly call-in Support Groups:

Call in weekly to talk with other members around the world. Share recipes, ask non-medical questions and meet other nutritarians striving for nutritional excellence.

Member Library:

Exclusive articles and past teleconferences that are downloadable.

Hundreds of Delicious Healthy Recipes: With 12 recipe categories, you can search for a particular recipe or ingredient. Also, you can rate our recipes or submit your own.


Online Discussion Forums:

You can gain support through the experiences from our other members in these forums: member to member, teen forum, parents with children, fitness forum, success stories and cook to live. Members are eager to share experiences and solutions. You’ll reach your goals quicker when you have the support of others who’ve already achieved success … and still more who are well on the road.

Dr. Eddy’s Tutorials:

Learn the details you need to assure your success. You will become the nutritional expert.

adore me vip membership, contact us.

V.I.P. membership (US$ 250,- per year). In the price is included 1 year online doctor consultation.*

* The consultation fee is non-refundable.

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