8 Foods That Boost Your Immune System

If you’re looking for an immune system boost, the right vitamins and minerals can help. Although diet gets little attention in conventional media when it comes to supporting the immune system, it is one of the most powerful methods for keeping colds and other illnesses at bay. Nutrition isn’t the only means of immune system support … Continue reading 8 Foods That Boost Your Immune System

What Is Bupleurum?

Bupleurum chinense is an herb native to East Asia and central Europe; its presence has even spread across the United States. Although the plant has long, thin leaves that resemble dill and small yellow flowers that develop into fruit, the root contains the plant’s most beneficial compounds. In traditional Chinese medicine, it’s known as the … Continue reading What Is Bupleurum?

What Is Bee Propolis? 10 Great Uses

Most people are familiar with the gorgeous yellow and amber colors typical of honeycomb and beeswax. But another bee-produced substance exists and it doesn’t get discussed quite as much — propolis. Propolis is a resinous material that bees use to seal small cracks and gaps in the hive (beeswax seals the larger gaps). It’s made when … Continue reading What Is Bee Propolis? 10 Great Uses

The Health Benefits of the Osage Tree

Highly revered in Native American cultures, the Osage tree is has admired for centuries. The bark, fruits, and leaves all contain phytonutrients that are responsible for the tree’s proposed health benefits. Its volatile oils make it a strong, natural insecticide, and many of its compounds have also been shown to protect the body against many types … Continue reading The Health Benefits of the Osage Tree

Astragalus Root: Health, Immune System, & Anti-Aging Benefits

Astragalus root is an herb that’s tremendously important in traditional Chinese medicine. It is known for its many health benefits, especially its potential to slow the aging process. Research has revealed this herb may have the ability to encourage healthy function of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. It has also been shown to support … Continue reading Astragalus Root: Health, Immune System, & Anti-Aging Benefits

4 Health Benefits of Dokudami

Dokudami is a perennial herb native to Japan, China, and Korea. It has a long-standing culinary use in Asian cooking and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic traditional medicine. It’s believed to offer positive benefits to the immune system and respiratory tract. However, its ability to support detoxification makes it a perfect ingredient my detox foot … Continue reading 4 Health Benefits of Dokudami


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What Does the Appendix Do?

For most people, the only real experience they have with their appendix is likely a bad one – namely, that something went wrong and it had to be removed. That’s generally the long and short of conversations about the appendix. No mention of what it does… so let’s explore and answer the question, what exactly … Continue reading What Does the Appendix Do?

The Ultimate Candida Diet Program

Ten years ago, few people knew about the significance of candida overgrowth, let alone the health benefits of embarking on a candida diet program. But today, thanks to new attitudes on the detriments of excess sugar consumption, and a growing interest in natural health and nutrition, more and more people are asking about diet as … Continue reading The Ultimate Candida Diet Program

Turmeric and Black Pepper: A Winning Combination

  Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a spice held in high regard for its bountiful health properties and its culinary uses. It’s a favorite herb of Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine, and its therapeutic uses date back thousands of years. Numerous studies have found that turmeric root can have a significant positive effect on neurological, cardiovascular, … Continue reading Turmeric and Black Pepper: A Winning Combination