lba_microscope_with_monitorOn the USA Network there is a drama series called, HOUSE, which is about a very specialized diagnostics unit at a major hospital. What is intriguing, is the fact that the technical aspects of the show are incredibly accurate and well done. Anyway…. on an old episode, of course the patient was dying and no one knew why… not even Dr. Gregory House and his diagnostics team. Everything they tried – failed. They had done every type of “test” they knew how to do, and everything seemed “normal”, yet the patient was rapidly getting “worse“.

Then.. Dr. House (in total frustration) just blurts out, ” Re-run the blood tests, and this time YOU do it – don’t just use the computer!” Everyone grumbled, because they had already run every kind of test imaginable…in some instances, TWICE!

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BUT.. when they reran the blood tests “live” without the computer, they found a Plasmodium Malarea parasite throughout the entire blood sample.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Malaria!

This episode is “interesting” because:

(b) Because of what “Dr. Chase”.. who was re-doing the blood tests… said when he saw the parasites in the test slides:

If a human being had ever really looked at his blood, instead of running it through the computer, the parasites would have jumped out at them!”

(c) You can see things in the live blood that a computer cannot see or pick up.

(d) You can pick up health challenges months if not years before any other diagnostic medical test! And,

(e) “Live Blood Analysis” is the ultimate test for the prevention of all sickness and dis-ease!

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Today, virtually all hospitals use computerized blood analysis, and most other tests are also computerized. Too much work, too little time and not always definitive or accurate!
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