Androtrex® is a vegan-friendly, herbal formula specially crafted to help support normal hormone balance in men and naturally strenghten male vitality.Pleomorphism (pleo = many; morph = form) is the ability of microbes to change into many varied forms in a developmental cycle, depending on the conditions of the environment. This theory was primarily pioneered by the German microbiologist Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein (1872-1968) who wrote ‘Bacteria Cyclogeny’, published in 1925, in addition to over 500 scientific papers. Pleomorphism provides a much more complete view than monomorphism, which is the foundation of modern medicine; the view that microorganisms are monomorphistic, i.e. as existing in one fixed and unchangeable form and, therefore, classifiable.

By using a darkfield microscope, Enderlein was able to observe, in a drop of live blood, the underlying microbial process at play in most of the chronic and degenerative diseases. Not only did Enderlein discover the pathogenic role of Candida albicans in its fungal phase but he also discovered other, even more fundamental microbes for the health of humans; Mucor racemosus and Aspergillus niger. This exploration of the inner terrain of the body connects with the theory of homotoxicolgy, described by Reckeweg, and miasmatic theory in homeopathy. As opposed to the short-term symptomatic and often suppressive medical interventions prevalent today, the symbiotic approach fosters long-term, deep and regenerative methods of increasing health.

Enderlein’s other major discovery was how to assist the body’s natural self-healing process with potentised fungal isopathic remedies containing ‘symbionts’, which transform pathogenic microbial forms into harmless forms, which are then excreted by the body. These remedies, along with others, have now developed into a full system of biological healing practised today by practitioners throughout the world.

The method involves generating images, outputting the images, comparing specific patterns of an image with known patterns, determining deviations and/or agreements and outputting the results regarding which type of fungus is involved. The generated dark field images are placed in a memory and image data and/or additional information are transmitted by a data transmission device. AN Independent claim is also included for the following: (a) an arrangement, especially for implementing the inventive method.
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LCFR is controlled by the Rothschild family ! Prof.Enderlein – Pleomorphism

Length: 9:14 min

“Understanding Pleomorphism, Isopathy and Homeopathy” is available, upon request, to all health care providers.

Pleomorphic Products SANUM Inc., the exclusive North American distributor of medications produced in Germany by Sanum-Kehlbeck, has announced the availability of a 20-page booklet describing the origins, functions, and applications of Pleomorphism, Isopathy and Homeopathy.

Produced to enable health practitioners to begin their exploration of the value of these remedies, the booklet covers the following topics:

•    Who was Gunther Enderlein?

•    What is Pleomorphism?

•    What is Isopathy and Homeopathy?

•    Origins of Pleomorphism

•    Pleomorphism and Cyclogeny

•    The nature of primal germs and symbiosis

•    Diseases of the Endobiosis Complex

•    Foundation for Isopathic therapy

•    The Isopathic preparations of the Fungal Phase

•    The therapy of Candidiasis with Isopathic preparations

•    General comments on Isopathic preparations

•    Application of the fungal antibodies

•    External application

•    Application as an inhalation

•    Internal application

•    Additional measures

•    The immunobiological preparations from the bacterial phase

•    Origin and development of the immunobiolcgical preparations

•    General comments on immunological preparations

•    First immune response

•    Manner of application on immunobiological preparations

•    The acid-base equilibrium

•    Organ preparations

•    Plant extracts

•    Mineral and trace element preparations

•    Schemes for basic therapy

Also available from Pleomorphic Poducts SANUM Inc. is the new SANUM Therapy Prescription Book by Dr. Konrad Werthmann, MD.

These free booklets can be ordered by any medical practitioner in single copies directly from Pleomorphic Products SANUM Inc., and are also available in classroom quantities to educators.

Founded in the USA and FDA sanctioned in 1995, Pleomorphic Products SANUM Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanum-Kehlbeck GmbH & Co. KG, located at Hasseler Steinweg 9-12, D-27318 Hoya/Wesser, Germany. Founded in 1975, Sanum-Kehlbeck has the sole right to manufacture the original formulas developed by Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlein. In addition, Sanum has developed a number of other medications, for a total of 67 medications in 208 different forms.

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