Mycozil™ is a natural, vegan-friendly blend of potent herbs and enzymes to support detoxification of yeast and undesirable fungal organisms from the body.Approximately around 1898 a controversy among the scientists over the kind, the nature and the behaviour of the bacteria began. Up to then one knew the spleen fire exciters, the Cholera germ, the Diphtheria, typhoid fever, Tuberculosis and the Syphilis germ.Mainly two thinking directions took the true nature up of the bacteria for itself to know. Some stated, bacteria are not capable of changing their appearance; the other stated the opposite: the fact that under certain conditions bacteria quite change and/or another shape to accept and develop themselves further can.

The first group were the Monomorphist (of greek. monomorph – one form), the second group were the Pleomorphist (of greek. pleomorph – many forms).

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) was a Monomorphist, on its dying bed however explained it the important sentence:


It professed itself to the Pleomorphism.

Founder of the Pleomorphism was the Frenchman Antoine Bechamp. Since then we have to do it with a constant change of the micro organisms: not ill-making the only by antibiotics and all chemical weapons since then against, but also against the physiologically good (healthy-holding) bacteria to be used, the micro organisms constantly develop themselves further into higher valence forms (ill-making forms); indeed in viruses, bacteria and fungus.

The fighting medicine tries to fight and defeat the cancer for over 100 years. “as the victory from….?” sees

By epidemics, e.g. AIDS and SARS, clearly shown us that viruses always develop themselves further into newer and more aggressive manifestations.

Fight always produces a fight. We hear to nevertheless finally fight on!

LOVE is the largest STRENGTH in the COSMOS.
Only by the holistic viewpoint, the CYCLOGENY (CYCLOS means CIRCLE, gene OS birth), we can use natural cures modulator. These modulators know under certain conditions the degenerate micro organisms viruses, bacteria, mushroom again into the prototype, which Endobiont, back to bring.

Monomorphist starting points are: linear

Pleomorphist starting points are: three-dimensional

Holistic starting points are: four-dimensionally

We are in the beginnings of the water man age, in which four-dimensional the way of life and thinking outweigh. In the course of this age we will learn holistic to live. All diseased, degenerate forms are back developed by the law of the holistic viewpoint into the healthy form. This Holistic in the water man age means lived courageous acting LOVE.

Dark field blood diagnostics

Method of Professor Dr. Guenther Enderlein (1872-1968), that primarily a biologist and a zoologist was 1916 came from Enderlein a first report over a revolutionary reorganization of the bacteriology.

Dr. William of Brehmer (1883 – 1958) discovered 1928 the blood parasites Siphonosphora polymorpha in the red blood corpuscle of humans, which can develop itself further under certain conditions to diseased forms. The special at of Brehmer the method is coloring native or vital blood on a slide, whereby certain high valence forms become visible. By the advancement of the technology to the phase contrast microscope, it is to be regarded us today possible certain forms without coloring immediately.

live_blood_analysis_student_03Most important aspect also for of Brehmer is clarifying the acid Base environment in the organism. It developed for it the HaemoIonometer. Robert-Koch-Institute with the Humboldt university in Berlin, under which line of the then world-famous Haematology Professor Dr. Victor Schilling confirmed to 1935 that Siphonosphora polymorpha the second genuine blood parasite is, which develops in the Erythrocyte. First up to then admitted blood parasite was the Plasmodium malaria. Thus Brehmers discovery was scientifically certified and in the medical professional world recognition. The exciters go through a specific cycle, as the training medicine and bacteriology accept it with malaria as natural. The training medicine until today recognizes the development stages of viruses, bacteria and mushroom forms however not on. Although there is nevertheless no exception of the law of the eternal change and the unit of the macrocosm with the microcosmic (e.g. tadpole’ frog, caterpillar’ butterfly) in whole nature.

Cyclogenie means the transformation and migration of all pathogen and not pathogen germs by all phases (valences) of the border of the visibility, and among them the virus range, over the higher valence phases of the text book-in accordance with-eaten coccos and the small rod up to the kulminanten phases of the mushrooms and their Myzelien. The bacteria core (Mych) plays an important role, the moreover the pH value, i.e. the acid Base household of the organism of humans (to the comparison: as is the case for the aquarium). Only if the environment is not correct, the pathogen development can take place. Either asexual by division or on sexual way by Sprouting after preceding nuclear fusion. The principle of the Polymorphic was confirmed 40 years after Enderlein by the Nobel leather castle.

O.g. Transformation phases (altogether 16) present themselves as follows:

1. Stage: Apathogen forms

  • Protit, prototype of the bacterium
  • Filium
  • Spermit
  • Symprotit
  • Mikrochondrit

2. Stage: Pathogen forms

  • Makrosymprotit
  • Makrochondrit
  • Sporoider Symprotit
  • Filit
  • Mychit
  • Cystit
  • Thecit
  • Dioekothecit
  • Bacteria; small rod or cocci form
  • Streptococci, staphylococci
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Leptotrichia buccalis

The apathogene development stage develops only, if the accordingly sour environment is given.

The two most important Symbionts are A) the Mucor Racemosus Fresen and b) the Aspergillus the Niger van Thieghem; in all their stages from the virus to the fungus. The appropriate bacteria forms of these Cyklod are A) Leptotrichia buccalis Robin and b) Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In the Chondrit area this as physiological and innocuous, even useful, Symbionten in the blood and fabric of healthy humans live. As soon as the biochemical equilibrium of humans changes however, the Chondrite ascends in the higher phases and/or valences and accepts thereby a pathogen character. This applies to some civilisation diseases. Recovery to lower valences takes place only on sexual way via nuclear fusion with sufficiently existing apathogen Chondriten. This procedure is blocked with ill humans. Prof. Dr. Enderlein created for this purpose the Chondritpraeparat Chondritin, with which a recovery of the pathogen valences running as nuclear chain reaction is introduced. The Erythrocyte, normal way memory of the resting Symbionts, accepts the so-called Stechapfelform in these cases frequently.

Most loading factor for the Ur germ, or also the Endobiont or also Protit, is before-all-hires wrong the way of life and thinking, so that the apathogen can to develop to the Pathogen and be able diseased disturbances to be released. From friends to enemies. The naturopathy is anxious to let from enemies again friends become. In addition the modulators are used.

A most important condition: the patient must help!!!

The Cyclogenie kept until today despite neglect by the training medicine persistent alive. Today she celebrates a considerable national due to the rapid development of the dark field diagnostics and therapy like international Renaissance.

Micro organisms can develop in the erythrocytes or from the sources of infection devitale teeth (dead teeth), dental herd without life, root granulome (inflammatory fabric) and intestine to develop, of where from the blood is infected over well-known haematogen and lymphogen ways. Both is supposed the case. If the intestine with purposeful cleaning cures and different Therapeutica is reorganized and afterwards by sporen, viruses, bacteria and fungus is free, the blood values improve spontaneously!!!

Nevertheless still another further, in the plasma, must be accepted free germ development, as Enderlein, from Brehmer and Hafeli to have always stated. But the blood pH value is responsible primarily.


Microbe development after of Brehmer:

If itself the blood pH value within the ideal range of 7,2 – 7.3 finds, no microbe can develop further into the Pathogeny i.e. housing themselves in the environment and to spread. Only if the blood pH value changes into Alkalinity from 7,4, seem themselves spontaneously from food proteins an infectious Dns rns (storage mediums of the cell) after so far not well-known regularities, either to spores, viroids, viruses, bacteria or fungus develop further. In the dark field microscopy such development stages can be pursued.

The health is carried by 4 columns:

  • the acid base household
  • the water regime
  • the electrolyte household
  • the respiration; speak oxygen admission

If one of the 4 columns comes into the imbalance, everything comes from the equilibrium; Illness takes its way!!!

It applies to consider: as so in the SMALL ONE in the LARGE ONE.

If humans are in his feeling as in his thought world in the imbalance, also the acid base household is not any more in the equilibrium.

Nutrition, which over-acidifies: animal proteins, white flour, sugar, coffee,  alcohol, nicotine; evenly all luxuries.

We made our luxuries our food. Since all luxuries over acidify, the accordingly sour environment is prepared for the microbes. One can call many illnesses therefore civilisation illnesses. In addition comes frequently more negatively, more inter humanly, more privately like vocational stress. In addition feed lack of movement, electrical smog, environmental contaminations and water veins the sour environment.

Eine deutsche Bemerkung:
Basische Ernährung: Gemüse, Obst, Vollwertkost, vorvergorene Milchprodukte, Ernährungsform nach Dr. Johanna Budwig, Haysche-Trennkost und reichliche Flüssigkeitsaufnahme eines ohmhaltigen Wassers. Stark unterstützend wirkt hierbei die körperliche, seelische und geistige Hygiene.

Das Fundament jeder Therapie, ist das Entsäuern (Herstellen des gesunden Säure-Basen-Haushaltes), reichliche Flüssigkeitsaufnahme ohmhaltigen Wassers und eine basische Ernährung. Erst wenn ein gesundes Fundament vorherrscht, kann der Körper saniert werden. D.h. zunächst werden beherdete Zähne, Herde, der Darm, die Lymphe sowie die Organe und Nerven entgiftet, um dann die extra- wie intrazelluläre Entgiftung einzuleiten. Erst dann können die entsprechenden Regulatoren wirken und eine individuelle Aufbautherapie sinnvoll eingesetzt werden.

In der ganzheitlichen Regulationstherapie hat, neben der körperlichen Behandlung, auch das Lösen seelisch-geistiger Blockaden eine große Bedeutung.

Eine ganzheitliche Regulationstherapie bringt ein köperlich-seelisch-geistiges Gleichgewicht; sprich HARMONIE hervor, sodass die Energien wieder frei fließen können.

Jeder Mensch trägt zwei Leben in sich

↓ ↓

Zellenleben + Bakterienleben

Je nach körperlich-seelisch-geistiger Lebenssituation ist jeder Mensch dem lebensbejahenden oder lebensvernichtenden Prinzip zugeneigt.

The Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit™ will help you remove unwanted organisms from your digestive tract while supporting your gut's health with probiotics.

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