9 Step Body Cleanse Kit | Ultimate Full-Body CleanseProf. Günther Enderlein was a biologist who regarded it as his mission to find the solutions to the severe disease facing humanity. Originally he was a professor of entomology at the Zoological Institute at the University of Berlin. At the outbreak of the World War I, a new field of research caught his full attention – bacteriology.

Professor Enderlein was an extremely versatile and gifted biologist who divided the medical and scientific experts of the world with the findings of his bacteriological and hematological research. His world was that of microbes and microorganisms. With devotion, patience and diligence he studied the immense diversity of life of very small microorganisms.

Professor Enderlein was originally a professor for entomology at the Zoological Institute at the University in Berlin. At the outbreak of World War I he volunteered for service as an army bacteriologist and serologist at the second army corps in Stettin, Germany. As a surgeon in the army from 1914-1916, he had the opportunity to study a variety of pathogenic microbes, including the microbe responsible for cholera. Professor Enderlein concluded that the cholera bacterium (Vibrio cholerae) was capable of undergoing complex development cycles (bacterial-cyclogeny) that could even “spread over a vast number of microbial generations.” [1]
Professor Enderlein’s research over the next decades focused on the important world of microorganisms. He realized that they play an important role in causing acute and chronic diseases, but also in restoring health. This would lead to several vital breakthroughs by Professor Enderlein, including:

The development of highly effective natural immune-modulators derived from bacterial and fungal microorganisms.
Continued emphasis, beginning in the 1930s, that a healthy lifestyle, natural foods free of pesticides and a healthy state of mind are necessary to keep pathogenic microbes in check and benign microbes healthy.
The early recognition that pathogenic microorganisms have the ability to rapidly change and adapt to their environment, or over the course of generations, and therefore become extremely resistant to attempts to destroy them with pharmaceuticals chemical drugs or even radiation.

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  1. [G. E.: Bakterien-Cyclogenie, p. 131-132]

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