As from Dr. Med. Maria-M Bleker’s, Blood Examination in Darkfield according to Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein;

pleomorphism“In the new formation of filum and head, atomic-physical and quantum-biological factors play a decisive role. This is visible from the sudden occurrences by the leap of these new formations. The formational processes of a filum with a head resulting in what is called the CHONDRIT, occurs within the smallest fraction of a second, which is therefore not observable by the eye looking through the microscope; the new developmental forms are suddenly there. The Protits come together and join in the following manner:

Protits can NATIONALIZE or come together in three ways.

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They can form:

A one dimensional arrangement. This results in a shorter or longer thread, the FILUM; its diameter is that of the protit, namely 0.01 mm. However, it can constantly increase in thickness, after its formation.
A two dimensional arrangement of the protits, into fine, skin-like surfaces that are found, for example, in the spermit (bacteriophage) as swarmer-heads (see below). This is one filum with one Protit head. The SYMPROTIT is simply a larger head than the Protit or the Spermit head.
A three-dimensional arrangement, namely into more or less tiny granules, the physiologic, often spherical SYMPROTIT’s which become the primary nuclei of the bacterial cell they are turning into.”
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