Contrary to a normal microscope works the Dark field microscope with a special condensor lens, which reroutes the incident light radiation. If you are e.g. in an area into that the sun seem in here, see in air small dust particle flickering. This principle of the dark field light makes it possible in the live blood analysis to see the smallest proteins (Endobiont = Prion), which are to be recognized with no other method.

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One recognizes still another multiplicity of factors like e.g.:

  • Gluing of the red blood corpuscles, which can represent a sign for an in the distant future threatening cardiac infarct or impact accumulation.
  • Special bacteria forms, which can occur when severe illnesses particularly with Prostate-cancer (cancer preliminary stages) in the blood dark field are documented.
  • In rare cases however right after the blood withdrawal, therefore an observation is necessary during one period of several days.
  • Certain crystalline protein structures on an organ load, digestive tract, liver, spleen, kidneys, thyroid, Urogenital-tract of conclusions to e.g. pull leave.
  • The interactivity of blood cells with micro organisms (all comprehensive topics shown and explained in our live blood analysis course).
  • The physical environment, i.e. whether the blood is exposed to a acid – base shift.
  • Everything which grows needs its suitable environment! Thus a Champignon can grow in the sun not through-flooded dry desert, it needs damp shade. If by nourishing conversion and the gift by special medicines in homoeopathic doses its it own environment is extracted from an intestine yeast/fungus, this parasite, which causes a set of complaints, will disappear.
  • During the investigation of the blood photo, photographs are made, which are afterwards shown and explained the patient. This is to be pursued a large motivation of the patient the changes during the therapy and his progress those, it naturally also in the physical one notices with own eyes to see.

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