This is one of the questions being asked after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published the results of a study on this major influenza outbreak that appears to defy the prevalent logic dictating the official vaccine narrative.

If flu shots are really as effective as the U.S. government claims they are, then why did nearly a quarter of the Navy crewmen aboard the U.S.S. Ardent earlier this year contract the flu, even though 99 percent of them had been previously vaccinated with flu shots?

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According to the study, the U.S.S. Arden was moored in San Diego, California, on February 10 to conduct a training exercise. After just three days, 25 of the 102 crewmen aboard the ship sought medical care after developing influenza-like illness, or ILI.

The Naval Health Research Center ultimately used polymerase chain reaction testing to determine that 20 of the individuals had influenza A, and 18 of these bore the specific subtype H3N2. The remaining two specimens could not be attributed a subtype, according to the study.

The outbreak was so severe that the ship was fully disinfected and the infected crew members sent home, some after being given antiviral medications and instructions on how to avoid spreading the illness. But after analyzing the situation, it was revealed that nearly every crewman had previously received a flu shot, demonstrating that this common vaccine simply doesn’t work.

“At the time of the outbreak, 99% of the crew had received influenza vaccine,” admits the study, as published by the CDC. “This outbreak highlights the risk for an H3N2 influenza outbreak among vaccinated and otherwise healthy young persons,” adds the report.

You can read the full study here:

Flu shots don’t work; make people more prone to developing influenza

Because of the tight quarters of the ship, scientists believe the disease spread quickly due to constant close exposure among crew members — this, and the fact that Navy crewmen are more prone to nutritional deficiencies while deployed at sea due to fewer healthy food options.

But the bigger culprit, and the one often ignored by mainstream medical professionals, is the fact that, despite nearly total compliance with the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) flu shot mandate, the crewmen aboard the U.S.S. Arden succumbed to a major flu outbreak.

“Since the 1950s, a policy of mandatory annual vaccination against influenza for active duty personnel has been largely successful in limiting influenza epidemics in the military,” claims the same study, just a few lines after admitting that flu shots were not protective in this case.

“The policy specifically directs all Navy operational units to be at least 90% vaccinated. However, despite vaccination measures, influenza outbreaks can still occur in highly vaccinated military populations.”

Mandatory vaccines policy for military members needs to be abolished

Something is clearly amiss, as vaccines either work as claimed or they don’t. You can’t in one sentence claim that flu shots have been “successful” in stopping influenza outbreaks while in the same breath admit that outbreaks can still occur among vaccinated populations.

But this is the prevailing vaccine dogma that currently dominates America’s public health policy. Somehow, getting vaccinated for the flu protects people against the flu, claim government officials — except when it doesn’t, which is more often than most people probably think.

As you may recall, a major mumps outbreak that began in 2009 ravaged communities in New York that, as it turns out, were also almost completely vaccinated. Once again, the failure of vaccines to provide legitimate protection against disease was made evident, though few acknowledged this fact at the time.

Jonathan Benson


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