athereosclerosisChelation Therapy is a safe, effective and relatively inexpensive treatment to restore blood flow in victims of atherosclerosis without surgery.Chelation Therapy involves the intravenous infusion of a prescription medicine called Ethylene Diamine Tetra-Acetic Acid (EDTA), plus vitamins and minerals at therapeutic dosages.

EDTA chelation infusions are administered by slow drip, circulating through the blood stream treating the entire arterial system removing undesirable metals from the body. Some metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and iron are poisons. Lead and cadmium levels correlate with high blood pressure. Overload of iron can cause heart attacks. All metals, even essential nutritional elements, are toxic in excess or when abnormally situated. EDTA normalizes the distribution of most metallic elements in the body. EDTA improves calcium and cholesterol metabolism by eliminating metallic catalysts which cause damage to cell membranes by producing ‘OXYGEN FREE RADICALS’. Free radical pathology is now believed by many scientists to be an important contributing cause of atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and other diseases of ageing.


EDTA chelation
An EDTA chelation therapy medical breakthrough…
“Medicardium will revolutionize medicine.”

For years EDTA chelation therapy has been instrumental in literally saving the lives of people across the globe. The results of this therapy have given patients a new lease on life. EDTA chelation therapy works by removing the toxic heavy metals from damaged hearts and heart valves as well as from hidden stores within blood vessels, kidneys, and more. You see, by removing the circulatory heavy metal toxins, EDTA enhances cardiovascular blood flow and function.

As highly recommended as this therapy has been in the past, the only effective way to receive the therapy has been intravenously. This requires sitting in a doctor’s office while the EDTA is slowly introduced into your bloodstream, via IV, over a 3-4 hour period. The time, the expense, the invasiveness of the needle and the overall inconvenience has made this therapy out of reach to most people, until now.

As a practicing medical doctor, I understand how demanding our busy schedules can be. My goal is that you find the information on this page direct and to the point, and that you receive accurate EDTA chelation therapy information. We promise to provide you with a clear understanding of exactly what EDTA chelation therapy is, and the preferred modality today, known as Medicardium. You will also find out why I no longer use IV EDTA chelation therapy in my own clinic and why Medicardium is given exclusively to my patients.


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We are so confident that you will experience better health once you start using Medicardium;

I understand how important this information is to you as I see patients every day with both chronic and acute health problems. From heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue, cancer to prostate issues and so many more diseases prominent today, it is apparent that each have one thing in common. They are all linked to our increasing exposure to heavy metals in our environment. I have found heavy metals in the vast majority of my patients; this is without the patients even knowing that they are carriers of heavy metals in their bodies. This is why for years I have been administering IV EDTA chelation and am fully aware of the problems associated with it. For years I have been looking for a method of EDTA chelation that offered more affordability, more convenience and safety, without losing any effectiveness. I tried Oral EDTA and other methods, and none would compare with the results I experienced with IV EDTA chelation – until I started to use Medicardium.

Clinically, my patient-population experiences demonstrate improved energy, mood and mental function as these oxidizing metals are reduced with Medicardium. Medicardium is the 21st century antioxidant key (along with a healthy lifestyle) needed to survive living in our toxic world.

As a medical authority on Medicardium, I truly believe Medicardium is one of the most significant means to improve patients’ overall health that I’ve experienced in my 30 years of practice. And as of now, I have treated more than 600 patients with Medicardium.

The Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit will help you purge your body of both chemical and metal toxins, which can lead to serious health concerns.

Why are you looking into chelation therapy?

We find that the three most common reasons are:

  • Perhaps you are undergoing IV EDTA Chelation and you are looking for an easier and safer method of EDTA Chelation, without losing the effectiveness of IV therapy?
  • Perhaps you have heard about EDTA Chelation Therapy from your doctor, friend, relative or neighbor because of your ongoing health problems and that EDTA chelation was recommended?
  • Or perhaps you have learned about EDTA Chelation Therapy from your own research on the internet and are looking for more information?

Whatever your reason is for visiting us today, we hope we give you what you are looking for.

Medicardium is an over-the counter, patented EDTA chelation suppository that is medically equal to the IV EDTA method, and has made EDTA chelation therapy accessible to everyone.

The benefits of using Medicardium are astounding:

  • More affordable. Medicardium is 70% less than IV EDTA chelation.  Every three Medicardium is medically equal to approximately one IV EDTA chelation treatment.
  • More convenient.  No more traveling to your doctor’s office for the treatment.  Simply take one Medicardium right before bedtime and the EDTA slowly absorbs into your body while you sleep.  Waking up to better health is a wonderful thing.
  • Safer. Medicardium introduces 365 mg of EDTA slowly into the bloodstream and soft tissues, exactly where you need it the most.  The dosage does not put the biological burden on the liver and kidneys like IV EDTA chelation does, making it much easier on the body to drain the toxins.
  • Better EDTA assimilation. Medicardium introduces less EDTA more frequently, rather than a higher dose less frequently. This provides better EDTA assimilation into the body.  This aspect of Medicardium is what excites doctors the most about the product, as IV chelation puts an unwanted strain on the body.

How Does Artery Disease Affect Health?

Blockage of blood vessels by plaque (atheroma) reduces the flow of blood, starving vital organs of oxygen and other nutrients. Cell walls then become leaky, allowing excessive calcium, sodium and other elements to enter. When calcium accumulates to a critical point, deposits form, like concrete. These calcifications can often be seen on X-ray. Disordered calcium metabolism can also cause coronaries and other arteries to go into spasm, further reducing blood to vital organs.

Can They Be Avoided?

If diagnostic evaluation reveals the formation of calcified deposits, if they are in uneven clumps, the risk of heart attack or stroke is considerable. If they are laid smoothly along the arterial walls, the risk is much less.


What Is The Effect Of These Deposits?

When the flow of blood is interrupted by a calcified deposit it becomes turbulent and under pressure. If part of the deposit breaks away, it is carried at speed in this fast moving blood and may block one of the smaller blood vessels supplied to the artery completely or partially. This causes a stroke if the artery is feeding the brain, or a heart attack if a coronary artery of the heart muscle is involved, or gangrene and amputation if the leg arteries become blocked.

What Causes Loss Of Memory And Other Signs Of Ageing?

It is usually accepted that loss of memory is an inevitable part of the ageing process along with dizziness, loss of concentration and defective hearing.

All these conditions are caused by the build up of calcium deposits on the artery walls, often called ‘hardening of the arteries’. This results in the deterioration of tissues which are not able to absorb sufficient nutrients and oxygen. If the calcium deposits are laid down smoothly and evenly, the ageing process is gradual. The clumping of deposits results in sudden ageing.

When arteries or capillaries to the heart muscle or to the legs are affected, the cramping pains of angina and intermittent claudication are experienced. These are the result of the muscles being starved of oxygen, and will gradually worsen. Muscle spasm can close a narrowed artery completely.

How Does Chelation Therapy Affect Health?

Chelation therapy promotes health by correcting the major underlying cause of arterial blockage. Damaging oxygen free radicals are increased by the presence of metallic elements and act as a chronic irritant to blood vessel walls and cell membranes. EDTA removes those metallic irritants, allowing leaky and damaged cell walls to heal. Plaques smooth over and shrink, allowing more blood to pass. Arterial walls become softer and more pliable, allowing easier expansion. Scientific studies have proven that blood flow increases after chelation therapy. A complete program of chelation therapy involves a broad-based care program of regular exercise, proper nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation and avoidance of tobacco and other damaging habits.

What Are The Interactions Between Chelation Therapy And Other Treatments For Artery Disease?

Chelation therapy can be utilized in conjunction with most other therapies for cardiovascular disease. EDTA is compatible with blood thinners, blood vessel dilators, medicines for blood pressure and heart arrhythmias, calcium blockers and beta blockers. The need for drugs is often reduced of eliminated after a course of chelation therapy.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Heart Attacks, Angina, Strokes, Claudication (Poor Leg Circulation) And The Ageing Process?

Clearly, if many of these problems are caused by calcified deposits in the arteries, eliminating the offending material will dramatically reduce the risk of sudden illness and delay and prolong the ageing processes.
This is what chelation does, chelation therapy is especially effective in diabetic conditions.

Who Is At Risk? 1 in 4 Men Over Forty – 1 in 5 Women Over Fifty

Anyone with circulatory problems, or has suffered a stroke or hear attack, or people with a family history of cardiovascular diseases, and those who are becoming aware that they are able to do less as they grow older.

What Can Be Done?

The first step is to have a medical diagnostic evaluation to reveal existing or potential problems or risk factors.

Traditional treatment for high blood pressure, or poor blood supply to the brain, heart or legs, is medication and localized surgery if the arteries are accessible and the patients condition permits. Unfortunately this is rarely successful long-term.

For more than twenty-five years in the USA chelation treatment has proved extremely successful in controlling these problems, and it has been available in the UK since 1985. In conjunction with control of diet, blood pressure, blood fats and stress, chelation dramatically improves the state of the arteries.

Can I Help Myself?

Yes, if you are at risk you can minimize the problem by:

  • Stop smoking
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Balanced nutritional diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Reduce Stress
  • Regular health checks
  • Take note of your risk factors

Can Chelation Be Used As A Preventative?

Yes. Chelation can be, and is used extensively as a preventative treatment, addressing ‘free radical’ damage and thereby minimizing the risk of cardiovascular problems in the future, especially for those with high risk factors, such as past history of smoking, drug or drink abuse, cholesterol and other hereditary indicators.

What About Safety And Side Effects?

Chelation therapy is among the safest of medical procedures. More than 400,000 patients have received over four million treatments during the past 30 years. Not one death has been directly caused by chelation therapy, when properly administered by a physician who was fully trained and competent in the use of this therapy.

How Do I Know If I Need Or Can Benefit From Chelation Therapy?

If you have chest pain or leg pain on walking, shortness of breath, painful, discolored feet, transient loss of vision, paralysis, or rapidly failing memory, see a physician! Any unexplained or persistent symptoms which affect your heart, head of limbs should be assessed for possible circulatory blockage.

How Will I Be Able To Tell If Chelation Therapy Has Helped Me?

Patients routinely report reduction or elimination of their symptoms with an increasing sense of well being after chelation therapy. Family and friends are often the first to notice and report improvement in appearance, behavior and performance. Comparison of pre- and post- therapy diagnostic tests can provide objective evidence of effectiveness.

How Many Infusions Are Needed?

Each patient if different and it is only after a medical evaluation that an individual can be advised on the likely length of treatment. However historically 20-30 infusions achieve significant improvement. The level of improvement is depend upon the individual patient, the severity of the conditions and the strength of each infusion, which is tailored to each patient.

Can Chelation Therapy Be Used After Bypass Surgery?

Yes! Although chelation therapy is best utilized to avoid bypass surgery, many patients who have previously undergone one or more bypass procedures, often with little or no benefit, have subsequently benefited greatly from chelation therapy. Treatment for each patient must be individualized. If all else fails, including chelation therapy, bypass remains available as a last resort.

How Is Progress Monitored?

Our doctors monitor patients regularly, carrying out further tests and monitoring progress from the original diagnostic tests.

Because drugs for blood pressure need to be reduced as chelation produces the desired effects, our doctors like to establish contact with the physician who has prescribed the drugs and discuss progress.

Do Medical Insurance Companies Pay For Chelation Therapy?

Most medical insurance companies, including BUPA and P.P.P., have been financially depleted by paying for so many expensive surgeries. Segments of the health care industry which profit greatly from surgical procedures are politically powerful. Physicians who review claims for medical insurance companies often favor the extremely expensive and risky procedure, such as bypass surgery, refusing payment for equally beneficial, far less expensive and immeasurably safer chelation therapy. While insurance policies do not specifically exclude chelation therapy in their policies, patients in the USA have often had to resort to the courts in order to collect their insurance benefits. This has not happened in the UK as yet.

Illustratie medicardium 1-3 1The reader is advised that varying and even conflicting views are held by other segments of the medical profession. The information presented in this literature is educational in nature and is not intended as a basis for diagnosis or treatment.

This information represents the current opinion of independent physician consultants to ACAM (American College for the Advancement in Medicine) at the time of publication.

ADC publishes and distributes this information as a courtesy to the public.

Medical Evaluation And Treatment

Its Value & Effects

The Arterial Disease Clinic conducts a thorough and detailed medical investigation and evaluation on each patient, incorporating past medical history, risk factors, and current conditions and medication.
The Clinic’s consultants will advise if treatment is indicated, and if the patient is a suitable candidate for chelation therapy.

In all events the consultant’s written report will include recommendations on an appropriate course of action, including self-help.

For those few patients in whom some underlying condition is discovered which prevents chelation therapy, the clinic will suggest functional medical treatments.

When attending the Clinic for the first time, patients are requested to bring details of medication and prescribed dosage. On the first visit the following tests are undertaken. Each test is explained to the patient during their appointment and a written report provided.

Bi-Directional Doppler Examination

This is a painless ultrasonic investigation of 24 main arterial sites feeding the brain and legs. It takes about an hour, and the findings are explained to the patient and recorded on a chart. 

The doppler examination reveals:

  • Blood flow indicating the possibility of deposits in the arteries breaking away and causing a Stroke.
  • Signs of hardening inside the capillaries of the brain, which is part of the ageing process and causes memory loss.
  • The degree of obstructions in the major arteries, causing impaired blood flow in the extremities or overload on the heart.
  • At the end of a course of treatment a further Doppler test will show the beneficial changes produced by chelation. This is included in the initial charge.

Blood Test

To assess and identify kidney, liver, blood sugar and other key factors such as blood cholesterols. The results are explained to the patient, giving him/her a fuller understanding of the blood chemistry, so that they may take control. 

Patients are required to fast for 14 hours before the test. water may be drunk freely, but not tea, coffee, juices or other beverages. Appointments are normally arranged for mid-morning so that food and drink can be consumed up to 8pm the previous evening. On the day of the appointment, any prescribed medication should be taken with water as normal.

Patients are recommended to bring food to eat after the blood sample has been taken. Diabetics should advise the clinic, and separate arrangements will be made.

Urine Analysis

To establish exactly how the kidneys are functioning. Patients are required to collect urine over a period of 24 hours. This should be as near the date of the blood test as possible, but must not include the 14 hours fasting period prior to the appointment.

A recommended timetable is that the first urine of the day should be excluded, than all subsequent urine for the next 24 hours collected in clean plastic containers. (If collection starts at 8am, this process must be followed until 8am the following day.) e.g.. Appointment 10am Friday, fasting commences Thursday 8pm. Urine collection starts Wednesday 8am. until Thursday 8am.

Containers should be clearly labeled with the patients names and brought to the clinic at the time of their appointment.

Doctors Physical Examination

Care and attention during the chelation treatment course, and a follow-ip physical examination siz weeks after the final infusion, are covered by this charge.

One of our doctors conducts a full detailed physical and medical examination in order to establish the patients condition, risk factors and recommended course of action. A written report of his findings is presented, with the patients permission to their GP or consultant.

To date approximately 90% of people seeking chelation have been accepted on medical grounds. Over 85% have shown significant improvement, i.e. angina subsiding, leg circulation restored, mental status benefited.

Resting ECG For Doctors Report

The electrocardiograph (ECG), determines the condition of the heart and measures its actions and the pulse.

The doctor in charge reports any findings in his medical letter.

This also, is repeated after the chelation course and is a technical record of any improvement in heart function.

Chelation Treatment

The treatment will be conducted as explained before. During the course of each treatment, the patient is carefully monitored, in line with the internationally accepted ACAM standards.

Mid-Stream Urine/Urine Creatinine Test

The progress of the kidney function is measured after each fifth infusion by means of this test. Fasting is not required.

Risk Factor Assessment

Blood tests to measure ferritin, fibrinogen, lipoprotein a, Serum ‘E’, Red cell magnesium and Homocysteine.

Cholesterol Monitoring

During the course of the chelation treatment, cholesterol levels indicating LDL / HDL /Triglycerides ratios are monitored. Natural regimes are employed, where applicable, to normalize any abnormality.

EDTA Intravenous Infusion

Each intravenous infusion last 3½ hours, and they are usually given once a week.

How many infusions are needed is determined by the patients Doppler findings and medical examination. The doctor assesses the likely number, and this is indicated to the patient before the course begins.

Most patients experience no discomfort during an infusion – they sit, eat, read and chat. Driving immediately afterwards creates no problem.

Infusions must be paid for on a weekly basis.

Vitamin Mineral Supplements

In removing the material which forms the life-threatening deposits, the infusions may also remove beneficial elements.

The vitamin/mineral supplements are an integral part of the treatment and MUST be adhered to as part of the overall patient care plan.

Water Consumption

As the treatment gently “flushes” out the impurities in your blood stream and arteries it passes through your kidney’s and bladder. To help this natural process it is important that patients drink plenty of fluids, preferably water. Ideally patients should drink 6 – 8 glasses per day (3 – 4 pints).

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

The human body is comprised of water (63%), protein (22%), fats (13%) and trace vitamins and minerals (2%).

Essentially, we are what we eat. However, the ever increasing level of chemical in our food, the atmosphere we breath and the water we drink means our immune system is having to work harder to combat the harmful invasion of our bodies.

Medical literature has extensively investigated the common denominator in arterial diseases and other degenerative “ageing” diseases – Free Radicals from oxidative damage.

Whilst oxygen is the basis of sustaining life in all human, animal and plant life, it can also be very damaging. Without oxygen an iron would not rust when exposed to water, nor food go rancid.

In order for the body to convert fats/proteins into energy there has to be a chemical combustion, which with any “burning” process there are waste material which can be toxic or harmful. Free Radicals are such waste material produced in the body, which damage the artery wall. Unlike veins there is oxygen present in the arteries.

See more about natural chelation


The therapeutic use of antioxidants (vitamins a, c, e, beta-carotene and selenium) can provide benefit in fighting free radicals, which is the first step in arterial disease.

Mineral Deficiency

Most people understand that anemia caused by low iron leads to fatigue, poor complexion and problems during pregnancy.

However, potassium and magnesium are equally important and lack of them can cause muscle cramps, twitching and even contribute to a heart attack.

While calcium is the key to healthy teeth and bones, poor absorption can lead to osteoporosis.

In later life our ability to absorb the right balance of minerals can be affected by poor digestion, the wrong diet and arterial disease.

Arterial Health Formula

Is a special formulated multi-vitamin and mineral complex that meets all daily requirements for good health. It does not replace the need to eat sensibly, a low fat/high fiber diet, but it does provide therapeutic does of our key micronutrients. It is specially formulated to be suitable for vegetarians as the digestive enzymes derive from vegetable matter.

  • 15 Vitamins
  • 20 Minerals
  • 8 Essential Amino Acids

The regular daily use of the Arterial Health formula can aid the promotion of good health by boosting your immune system, lowering your cholesterol and neutralizing the free radicals damaging your arteries.

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3 thoughts on “What is EDTA Chelation Therapy?

  1. EDTA is a synthetic amino acid that has proven to be the best broad-based heavy metal chelator with very few adverse effects. The half-life of EDTA in the body, via the rectal route of administration, can be up to eight hours, and is excreted through feces and urine within 24 hours; almost none of the Medicardium EDTA is metabolized. Since the vast majority of the EDTA will be broken down and not utilized when taken orally, the rectal route of administra-tion is more effective. This allows it to bypass the gastro-intestinal tract all together, resulting in a very high utilization rate. Rectal (suppository) delivery also results in a majority of the EDTA bypassing the liver and kidneys on the first pass, putting less stress on these organs and allowing the EDTA to remain in the body longer, extending the binding effect with the harmful metals.
    Always work with your doctor when taking Medicardium and all nutritional supplements.
    It is recommended and safe to use Medicardium suppositories once nightly (for at least 90 days) for a good initial detoxification. Depending upon your level of exposure or toxicity, you may need to use Medicardium for up to 180 days or more.
    Insert one Medicardium suppository nightly right before bedtime, this allows the EDTA to diffuse throughout your body while your metabolism is slowest, giving the EDTA more time to chelate.
    Medicardium may also be utilized at other times during the day if necessary.
    It is recommended to use Medicardium 2 – 3 hours after your last meal. This provides adequate time to produce a bowel move¬ment, thus removing any excess matter in the rectum and reducing any potential metabolic competition.
    If possible, avoid a bowel movement for at least 2 hours after inserting the Medicardium suppository.
    Using Medicardium on a less frequent basis will not cause any problems but it may take longer to achieve the desired results.
    It is strongly advised to utilize a good, natural multi¬vitamin/mineral while chelating. Vitamin/mineral supplementation should be separated from Medicardium use by 8 hours to prevent removing minerals you are trying to replace.
    It is very important to drink a good quantity of filtered/purified water during the day to help with the flushing of harmful metals from your body.
    A good intestinal cleanse is highly recommended. It is also important to detoxify your liver and kidneys to receive maximum benefit from Medicardium.
    A good whole food diet, while avoiding processed food as much as possible, also promotes efficiency in detoxification. Foods high in unnatural additives, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, sodium or sugar should be avoided.
    It is recommended that you always attempt to move your bowels prior to inserting the suppository(s) to avoid discharging of the suppository before the suppository can be totally absorbed.
    If inserted while lying on one’s side, consider remaining in the supine position for 10 minutes following insertion.
    If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before taking this product
    Keep out of reach of children
    Do not exceed recommended dose
    Do not use if the suppositories are open or damaged.
    Adverse Effects: Negative effects normally associated with IV EDTA are absent or reduced with the usage of Medicardium EDTA suppositories. Renal excretory functions should be within normal limits prior to treatment. If not, please consult your health care professional. The following negative effects may occur when using Medicardium suppositories: headache, nasal congestion or draining, dizziness, skin rash, fatigue, nausea, or a bit of rectal discomfort. These symptoms are associated with the detoxification process but are uncommon and usually transient. Renal toxicity, such as found with IV EDTA is not present in suppository administration. The most common complaints experienced in the first few applications are loose stool and gas.
    Precautions: Based on clinical observations with health care professionals who recommend EDTA suppositories to their patients, EDTA has been shown to cause a lowering of blood sugar and insulin requirements in patients with diabetes. Diabetic patients should check their insulin and glucose levels during EDTA treatment. Medicardium exhibits no known adverse renal, hepatic cardiovascular, gastrointestinal or nervous system effects. Safe use of EDTA in pregnancy has not been established with respect to adverse effects on fetal development. It is not recommended that Medicardium be used by women who are or may become pregnant unless the potential benefits outweigh the possible hazards.
    Note: Storing this product at room temperature will not alter the effectiveness or potency. However, a firm suppository is necessary for a comfortable and easy insertion. Therefore, we recommend this product be stored in the refrigerator to maintain firmness. If the suppository does become soft, place the suppository in the refrigerator to achieve the firmness needed for comfortable insertion Avoid excessive heat 40°C (104°F). Store in a cool place 8° to 15°C (46° to 59°F) or refrigerate. If subjected to temperatures above 95 degrees store right side up in the refrigerator for 45 minutes before using. When using nutritional supplements or nutraceuticals, please inform your physician if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition healthcare professional.


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