10 Reasons to avoid fluoride, a toxic chemical

The Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit will help you purge your body of both chemical and metal toxins, which can lead to serious health concerns.Many people assume that fluoride is a relatively harmless mineral. If authorities intentionally put it in water supplies around the country, how bad can it be?

The truth is that fluoride damages health in many ways. As the chemical ion of the reactive element fluorine, fluoride can be found naturally in certain foods as well as water and soil. However, the fluoride that is added to drinking water is produced synthetically and considered a neurotoxin.

Are you sure that’s what you want your family to be drinking, even if it might help reduce tooth decay? Here are 10 reasons to avoid this toxic chemical.

1.    Fluoride is harmful to your thyroid.

When fluoride damages your thyroid system, your bones will have less calcium and more of it will be circulating in your blood. All that excessive serum calcium can damage your cells, organs and tissue.

2.    Fluoride can damage your bones.

A condition known as skeletal fluorosis can arise from too much fluoride exposure. This causes your bones to become less elastic and overly thick and hard, which can raise your risk of immobility, joint dysfunction and suffering fractures.

3.    Nobody else is doing it.

Take a moment to ask yourself this: If fluoride is so good for our teeth, why is it that 97 percent of people living in Western Europe are not consuming fluoridated water?

4.    It’s akin to mass medication.

Fluoridating water is quite unethical when you think about it because it is essentially medicating the public without their informed consent.

5.    It can actually damage your teeth.

Although fluoride is purportedly added to water to prevent tooth decay, it can cause a condition called dental fluorosis, which creates tiny white specks and streaks in tooth enamel. This, over time, can cause tooth decay and damage. It’s not a rare side effect, either – as many as 41 percent of Americans aged 12 to 15 suffer from it.

6.    Its effects on tooth decay haven’t been demonstrated conclusively.

Although the drawbacks of fluoride wouldn’t make it worth the benefit of preventing tooth decay, it turns out that it may not even be very good at accomplishing its intended purpose. Publications like the British Medical Journal have not found any randomized controlled trials that show the effects of fluoride on tooth decay, while other studies have shown there is no association.

7.    It can keep you up at night.

Fluoride exposure can keep you up at night – and not just because you’re worried about what it’s doing to your body. Insomnia is one of its known adverse effects, and not getting enough sleep is a risk factor for serious problems like dementia, cancer, heart disease and obesity.

8.    Its other side effects are pretty unpleasant, too.

According to the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, some of the other fluoride side effects include infertility, bone cancer, heart failure, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, acne and early female puberty.

9.    Exposure to fluoride before birth can cause neurodevelopmental problems.

Studies have shown that children who were exposed to fluoride prior to birth have a higher risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cognitive impairment, lower IQ and other neurodevelopmental problems.

10.    Some people are more susceptible to the harms of fluoride.

Elderly people, those with heart and kidney problems, and people who are deficient in vitamin C, magnesium and calcium are especially vulnerable to the damaging side effects of fluoride.

If your drinking water contains fluoride, it’s time to get a high-quality water filtration system or seek a different source. This toxin has no place in our drinking water, and it’s never too late to start reducing your exposure.

Cassie B.

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