Heathrow Airport in London testing covid-19 “passport technology” that will force air travelers to submit to vaccines

Plant-based Immune-BoostAir travelers wanting to fly in and out of London – and eventually all other cities – will soon have to show their Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) digital passports, the initial trial runs of which are right now taking place at Heathrow Airport.

Passengers traveling via United Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways are reportedly the first to test out the program using a smartphone app called CommonPass. This app is capable of storing a person’s certified Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) test results, as well as vaccination status once a vaccine becomes available.

Because governments of the world have different Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) rules and requirements, CommonPass can be modified as needed to facilitate different entry restrictions.

Launched by the Commons Project Foundation, a “non-profit trust” partnered with the World Economic Forum, CommonPass exists to eliminate the paper trail of Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) test results, which are often presented by international travelers in different languages.

Flights from London to New York, Hong Kong and Singapore are all utilizing CommonPass under government observation to determine its effectiveness and anything that may need to be tweaked to make it more foolproof.

One problem already identified are the variances in testing quality among “certified” laboratories. As we have seen, Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) testing is all over the place, producing high levels of false positives.

“Without the ability to trust COVID-19 tests – and eventually vaccine records – across international borders, many countries will feel compelled to retain full travel bans and mandatory quarantines for as long as the pandemic persists,” warns Dr. Bradley Perkins, chief medical officer of The Commons Project.

“With trusted individual health data, countries can implement more nuanced health screening requirements for entry.”

Papers, please: traveling under the Fourth Reich to require proof of vaccination

Since there is not yet a vaccine available for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19), CommonPass is currently limited to showing proof of a negative test result. But once an Operation Warp Speed vaccine from Donald Trump is rushed into mass production, CommonPass will require proof of vaccination in order to travel.

After a person gets tested for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) at an “approved” lab, the results are immediately sent to a local or national registry database or “personal health record” system such as what is offered by Apple Health and Google CommonHealth.

When a Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) vaccine becomes available, the same will happen after a person gets vaccinated.

Test results and vaccination status will then be relayed to CommonPass, which will determine what information is necessary for a person to travel depending on his or her final destination.

If a person tests negative and got jabbed, then he or she will be approved for entry into the final destination. If a person tests positive and did not get jabbed, then he or she will be restricted until complying with these “safety” requirements.

“As we come to grips with living with covid-19, testing is the safest scientific method to reopen countries and borders,” contends David Evans, joint CEO of a traveler pass company known as Collinson.

“However, as each country looks to find the right solution to protect their citizens, we know that the ability to demonstrate the validity of testing done upon arrival or before departure is key to reopening borders.”

Collinson and another company known as Swissport both have dedicated Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) testing facilities set up at Heathrow that are equipped to support CommonPass trial testing by both United Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways volunteers.

More of the latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) and the unleashing of the Mark of the Beast in response to it can be found at Pandemic.news.

Ethan Huff

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