Here we go again: Another new covid “vaccine” to arrive next year, says Biden covid czar

The Gut Health Kit is a program to cleanse, balance, and support your digestive system by combining four of our top products and a healthy diet.In a pre-Thanksgiving announcement, White House covid “czar” Ashish Jha revealed that the plan in 2023 is to unleash another Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” that Americans will be expected to take for “protection” against the Chinese Flu.

As many expected would be the case, Jha indicated that covid injections are to become an annual affair with new varieties released annually in much the same way as flu shots.

“We’re probably going to need to update our vaccine again next year and have Americans get vaccinated again next year,” Jha stated to the media. (Related: This is the same Ashish Jha who called for all Americans to have to show “vaccine passports” in order to live.)

Not only that, but Jha wants all Americans to make much ado about nothing at the Thanksgiving table this year by fearmongering about the alleged “risk” of catching the Fauci Flu if one is not “vaccinated” against it.
Covid jabs are “an important part of the conversation we have around the Thanksgiving table,” Jha said.
Jha lies to America, says covid shots can “prevent essentially every covid death in America”
This is all in addition to Jha’s recommendation that Americans get shot and boosted before visiting friends and family members for Thanksgiving, including both covid and flu shots.
“Please, don’t wait,” Jha urged Americans. “Get your covid shot. Get your flu shot. That’s why God gave you two arms. Get one in each arm if you want.”

The Biden regime also recently announced a “six-week sprint” plan, as they are calling it, that aims to push every last human in America to roll up his or her sleeves for a messenger RNA (mRNA) DNA-reprogramming injection.

Most Americans already have, we are told, but there are still millions that have never been shot with the poison and Biden’s people, including Jha, want them to do so immediately.

“I’m encouraged by the work that so many are doing, (but) we need everybody to step up,” Jha scolded.

“Because here’s what we know: If folks get their updated vaccines, and they get treated, if they have a breakthrough infection, we can prevent essentially every covid death in America.”

The truth that Jha did not disclose, of course, is that vitamin D could have prevented most covid infections and deaths without the need for genetic tampering via experimental Big Pharma injections.

“Bottom line is that we’re doing everything we can in the next six weeks to help families get their updated COVID shots by the end of the year, because it’s the best protection for this winter,” Jha concluded in his speech.

In the comment section, someone who is unvaccinated wrote that he still meets people who think the problem lies with him in not having gotten shot, as opposed to them getting the shot and still getting sick while spreading sickness to others.

“It’s pretty funny,” this person added. “I wonder how many boosters it’s going to take to make them ‘fully vaccinated.’”

Another wrote that it is truly mind-boggling that some people out there believe that getting jabbed somehow protects others against covid infection.

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Ethan Huff

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