Prion & Endobiont in live blood

Enderlein’s Endobiont and Prusiner's Prion Prof. Enderlein observed blood samples with the technique of dark field microscopy, which is also called live blood analysis. As the name suggests, the blood cells and particles are alive and not dead like in stained samples used by hematologists Bacteria for instance, can be seen in stained samples as … Continue reading Prion & Endobiont in live blood

Endobiont = Prion

Prof. Enderlein called the very basic particle, ground form of all other developments, “Endobiont”, deriving from the Greek word endobios (endo = inside, bios = live). The word endobios is clearly defined by Thesaurus as “live of organisms within a medium or an organ of animals and human beings, e.g. in the intestines”. These relationships … Continue reading Endobiont = Prion

Mad Cow Disease in the USA: Understand Prions, Part II

Prions have been known by many scientists for many years. They are believed to cause disease by triggering an immune response when they enter an animal or human body. In 1997, Stanley Prusiner, MD, won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of prions, an acronym for proteinaceous infectious particles. Prions are associated with a variety … Continue reading Mad Cow Disease in the USA: Understand Prions, Part II