“Impossible Burger” is just THAT, because it’s GMO

9 Step Body Cleanse Kit | Ultimate Full-Body CleanseWhat do you get when you genetically modify soybean roots in a top secret laboratory, cram it into a new “burger” and then sell that Franken-burger as “plant-based” to a bunch of health-minded consumers? You get $250 million richer from investors who like the marketing scam of the new bloody “vegetarian” impossible burger that’s lab-crafted from a company called Impossible Foods. It looks like flesh. It tastes like beef. It sizzles like carcass. It bleeds like a stuck cow. It’s GMO – genetically mutated food stuff for fake vegetarians and phony vegans who don’t know or care about the difference.

Chefs and waiters alike are being “educated” improperly about this genetically modified nightmare-to-be-found-out later, when “unfounded” health ills strike. They tell their customers it’s plant-based and that’s about all she wrote and all they know. Service with a smile, and a lab-burger that might cause cancer, dementia, and people to grow some unwanted limbs, because let’s face it folks, when scientists unnaturally modify organisms, nobody knows what’s coming next.

Just look at the mice that eat Roundup-Ready corn or the piglets that eat Roundup-Ready soy. Validated scientific research proves baby animals die from kidney failure and cancer tumors the size of golf balls in less time than it takes humans to train for a half marathon.

“Secret sauce” of impossible burger is a genetically engineered yeast never consumed by humans before — what could go wrong?

Oh the glorification of lab-concocted food by “Big Food” and “Biotech” today. Want some secret sauce for that fake food? It’s called secret sauce because it’s a really big secret what you’re eating, and if you knew, you’d probably puke and ask for a refund on the spot.

Most people who stop eating meat do so for two reasons: their own health and the humane treatment of animals. Most honest vegans and vegetarians don’t want a burger or hot dog anyway, much less one that tastes, feels, and bleeds like the real thing.

Still, you have millions of people who want to tell others they’re vegetarian, even though they still eat chicken and fish. And you have your vegans and vegetarians who are totally unhealthy or obese and eat junk food all day. They are the ones who want the fake meat so badly. They’re the “impossible burger” target market – pardon the pun because they kind of have targets on their faces that scream “feed me, Seymour, feed me!”

Meanwhile, the junk-food “wanna-be-health-enthusiasts” are sucking down canola oil, GMOs, glyphosate, MSG, aspartame, and everything else Franken-style, thinking that as long as they avoid animal products, it’s all good.

No humans had ever eaten what’s in the “impossible burger” (GMO soy leghemoglobin or “SLH”) until it came out. No safety tests have been run by the FDA (like that would matter anyway). No worrisome articles in the mass media questioning the unpredictable outcomes of gene splicing, gene editing, or gene removal. It’s all about the money, until lawsuits and settlements start catching up to the net profits.

According to the FDA, anything that’s NOT found “unsafe” is automatically SAFE — Really?

The insidious FDA has formally stated that the current opinions (and shallow research by the manufacturers) of the impossible burger’s genetically engineered ingredients are “not enough to establish the safety of SLH for consumption.” Still, a spokeswoman for Impossible Foods said “the impossible burger is safe.” Well, that does it then, America, eat up. Don’t think twice about poisons that cause cancer, immune system dysfunction and dementia, like glyphosate or dicamba. Heck, most GMOs in America are created to withstand unconscionable amounts of deadly chemical-based herbicides and insecticides, but never mind all that folks.

Come one, come all. Step right up into the GMO circus and witness the “impossible.” Folks, it’s a plant-based burger that bleeds. You won’t believe your eyes. Soon we’ll be able to save the 9 billion starving humans around the globe with GMOs (so they tell us).

First, the Golden Rice failed to deliver. What happened to saving millions of children every year with Vitamin-A loaded rice? Bill Gates followed with toxic vaccines. That’s what happened. So what’s next on the GMO Franken-freak-food platter? Will it be “naturally” castrated pigs, dehorned cattle, whale-size salmon, arctic apples, or three-eyed pigs with six feet? (Related: The 8 most SURPRISING places you’ll find GMOs.)

Stay tuned to GMO.news for updates on GMO’d anything that you should avoid like the plague. Now watch the demented circus of pseudo-scientists making genetically modified food in laboratories and claiming it’s “safe” all the while.

S.D. Wells

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9 Step Body Cleanse Kit | Ultimate Full-Body Cleanse

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