The fairer (and better) sex? How women excel at prepping

Many prepping communities typically consist of more men than women, and the “masculine” way of preparedness is usually the dominant one – the militaristic, “kill or be killed” mindset. However, the “feminine” mindset of preparedness may be better for long-term survival. (h/t to

The feminine way of prepping

The prepping lifestyle benefits men, women and children of any age. When it comes to preparing for a variety of situations, whether it be a harsh winter, a natural disaster, or an economic collapse, a common trait among women preppers is that when something needs to get done, they get it done.

Female preppers often primarily focus on daily necessities like cleaning, cooking and basic hygiene. This was especially the case in the pioneer days, where women tended to the homestead and the children, and even helped their husbands in the fields.

Female Fuzion™ is a premier, herbal hormone balance formula for women that helps to support normal energy levels, increase vitality and regulate mood.Pioneer women also provided medical care, grew vegetable gardens to sustain the family’s diet, and made things from scratch, like butter, candles, soap and clothing.

During the Great Depression, women and their families were forced to live with very little, and so aside from making their own clothes, linens, soap, bread and home remedies, they learned to use a hammer and saw and repair what needed repairing on the homestead.

They were also in charge of budgeting the family’s finances and reducing their waste as much as possible. Old clothes were cut to make rags or quilts; containers, jars and boxes were all reused or repurposed into something else. They learned and taught how to live a self-sufficient life in times of crisis.

These tasks may seem mundane at first glance, but all these chores require mental and physical strength. Women in the pioneer days and the Great Depression were exceptionally tough and made sure their families and communities survived and thrived during some of the hardest days of their lives.

Feminine health when SHTF

Feminine health and hygiene are an everyday matter that will be much more important in a survival situation. As a female prepper, consider the following:

  • First aid kit — Aside from the items usually found in a first aid kit, add some remedies for menstrual cramps, like a portable hot compress, some essential oils, and ointments or creams for yeast infections.
  • Period kit — Maxi pads and tampons are not only useful for when the red days come, but they can also be used for bullet wounds, as bandages, for fire kindling, for water filtering, for waterproofing, for fishing, and as cordage or wick. And since pads and tampons run out eventually, a “smarter” option is to add a couple of menstrual cups to your period preparedness kit.
  • Pregnancy prevention — While abstinence is still the best measure for preventing pregnancy in a survival scenario; it’s a safe bet that sex can and will still happen, so make sure to have an adequate stockpile of condoms.
  • Mental preparedness — All the preparation in the world won’t help you when the time comes if your mind isn’t prepared to deal with the situation. Practice mental exercises specifically for preparing your mind for SHTF situations such as “battle-proofing” and mindfulness habits like meditation and breathing exercises that will help you maintain a clear and focused mind to face both normal days and days of crisis.

When SHTF, the one thing that will be truly important is the ability to look out for yourself. When things go south, there is no guarantee that you can rely on anyone, man or woman, to survive the ordeal. Therefore, it pays to learn how to survive on your own.

Janine Acero

Sources include:

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