Fighting a losing battle: Telecom companies struggle to convince consumers that 5G is harmless

The pushback against the latest generation of cell phone technology, 5G, is becoming increasingly strong. Government and independent reports have been piling up in opposition to 5G rollout, and telecommunication companies struggle to convince consumers why 5G is harmless.

Several towns and cities have been already imposed a temporary ban or delayed 5G rollout due to safety concerns. Take a look at those locales below:

Countries delay 5G rollout

The Liver Cleanse Kit is the comprehensive approach to cleansing. The kit includes Livatrex®, Oxy-Powder®, and the probiotic supplement, Latero-Flora™.In the U.K. town of Shepton Mallet, the Town Council invoked the precautionary principle during a development and planning meeting in October 2019. The move was made after five members of the public voiced their concerns over deploying 5G technology. The council voted unanimously to delay deciding on bringing 5G in the area, citing the lack of evidence that 5G is safe for their vote.

Meanwhile, other local councils in the U.K. banned installing 5G cell towers due to fears of increased radiation exposure. Totnes, Kingsbridge, Brighton, Frome and Hove City are among the latest towns that voted to ban 5G cell towers.

“Our concern is that there will be a much higher blanket of radiation all around us,” said Totnes councilor Jacqi Hodgson.

The EM Radiation Research Trust, a U.K.-based independent research group, also called for an outright ban on untested 5G technology in response to the British Government’s call for proposed reforms to the development rights for 5G rollout.

In Switzerland, Geneva and the cantons of Vaud and Jura imposed a moratorium on 5G in late 2019. Geneva called on the Council of State to request the World Health Organization to monitor independent studies on the harmful effects of 5G. The Green party in Vaud committed to opposing the installation of any new antennas until they receive clear and satisfactory answers to the impact of 5G.

In Jura, the mobilization against 5G is growing stronger as citizens formed the collective Jura NON 5G. The organization received around 1,500 complaints regarding various antenna installation projects in the canton within six months.

One hundred municipalities in Italy also adopted a moratorium on 5G after invoking the precautionary principle. Several non-government organizations in France called for a similar resolution, warning of the “out-of-control consequences” of 5G.

Potential health hazards of 5G

While research on 5G is still ongoing, reports show that the technology is likely harmful to health.

The Swiss magazine L’Illustré reported that some residents in Geneva fell sick since 5G antennas were installed near their homes in early 2019. The residents complained of identical disorders, such as headaches, tinnitus and insomnia.

The Kuwait Times also published an article about the potential health threats of 5G technology. The technology relies on the millimeter wavelength, the band of the electromagnetic spectrum with frequencies of 30 to 300 gigahertz. Exposure to millimeter waves is linked to oxidative stress and altered gene expression and potentially has systemic effects on the body, affecting, for instance, immune function and contributing to the development of cancer. (Related: Still think 5G is harmless? Scientific American issues warnings about the confirmed and UNKNOWN DANGERS of 5G tech.)

The author said that cell towers should be distanced from homes, schools and places frequented by young children, pregnant women and men who wish to father healthy children. Unfortunately, 5G technology requires that cell towers be installed every 500 feet or so as millimeter waves have a harder time traveling over long distances.

As the public distrust of 5G increases, telecommunication companies will be forced to pull out all the stops to convince the public why 5G is safe.

Visit for science-based research on 5G.

Virgilio Marin

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