If Americans don’t fight back, OSHA’s medical tyranny will expand to all businesses, regardless of employee count

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is being rapidly converted into a Nazi death squad — an enforcement arm for medical fascism and tyrannical rule. All U.S. businesses with one hundred or more employees will now be fined if they do not collect the vaccination status of employees and report it to the federal government. Businesses will be fined $14,000 for every “unvaccinated” employee. Anyone found to be non-compliant with “vaccine mandates” will be viewed as a liability and forced out of work. Discrimination, segregation and extortion are merging as one evil act.

The time to reject medical tyranny is NOW

IntraCal™ contains both calcium orotate and magnesium orotate to help support healthy bones, teeth, the nervous system, and even cardiovascular health.Any employee who doesn’t provide proof of full vaccination compliance (which now includes up to four FDA approved shots) will be discriminated against, their body violated by weekly covid swabs and daily mask mandates. Whether through forced vaccination, fraudulent swabs or oppressive masks, individuals are being subjugated, their due process rights vanquished. OSHA’s deadline for compliance is set for January 4, 2022. After this date, federal employees may enter businesses, check papers and monitor people to make sure that everyone is following along with the medical tyranny.

Under duress and threat of extortion, many businesses will comply with the unlawful order, forcing endless vaccination, fraudulent PCR swabs and masks on their workforce. And it won’t end there. If Americans don’t fight back now, OSHA’s medical tyranny will expand to all businesses, regardless of employee numbers. The time to say NO is now!

OSHA looking to expand vaccine, testing, mask mandates to all businesses

The “emergency temporary standard,” recently issued by the Labor Department, is neither temporary nor is it a standard. The entire mandate is a perpetual act of violence, a violation of basic human rights, medical ethics and the U.S. Constitution. These continuous acts of force know NO boundaries. According to the draft, OSHA is seeking public comment on the 100-employee rule. OSHA wants to make the rule apply to all U.S. businesses, regardless of the number of employees they retain. This escalating intrusion of basic civil liberties is referred to in the agency’s 490-page document. “OSHA seeks information about the ability of employers with fewer than 100 employees to implement COVID-19 vaccination and/or testing programs,” the document says.

OSHA clearly states it is “soliciting stakeholder comment and additional information to determine whether to adjust the scope of the ETS,” or emergency standard, “to address smaller employers in the future.”

OSHA is asking for additional feedback from employers that have already implemented bodily requirements on employees. After OSHA receives the additional feedback, the agency will adjust the rule and prepare a finalized version of their current draft.

Health freedom can only be restored once every human rights violation is held to account

The Biden regime believes that they have the authority to force medical tests, experimental drugs and medical devices on anyone they want, because the country is still in a contrived “state of emergency.” The regime believes it has the power to declare the existence of an endless pandemic, giving OSHA emergency powers under the OSH Act.

Over twenty Attorneys General are suing the Biden regime over the OSHA mandates. This is good news, but a defensive approach to medical tyranny will not be enough in the coming phase of the war against humanity. Health freedom advocates must go on the offense now and demand complete autonomy over their own bodies. Liberty, medical ethics and justice can only be restored once every human rights violation is prosecuted. All entities engaged in this medical tyranny and the mass killing of people via vaccines must be held to account.

Lance D Johnson 

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