Damar Hamlin contagion? Old Dominion basketball player Imo Essien clutches chest, collapses mid-game

Happy, Healthy, HempJust days after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field mid-game, another athlete, Old Dominion University (ODU) basketball player Imo Essien, suffered a similar fall during a game – and under the same mysterious circumstances as Hamlin.

Reports indicate that Essien, after falling to the ground for no apparent reason, “had to be tended to by training staff from both ODU and Georgia Southern.” According to a report from WAVY, Essien “did not appear to lose consciousness” during the episode and was eventually helped to walk off the court – Hamlin, meanwhile, had to be rushed by emergency personnel to a local hospital following his collapse.

“Members of the Old Dominion men’s basketball team watched in shock,” WAVY reported, with one account adding that “many held back tears” as they watched the episode in dismay.

Old Dominion later released a statement about the incident that reads:

“Imo Essien was evaluated by the ODU Athletic Training staff along with the GA Southern medical staff. He was responsive throughout and was able to sit with his team for the duration of the game and travel back with the team. He is in good spirits and will work with the ODU Sports Medicine staff when they return to Norfolk.”

You can watch a clip of the incident below:

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Fans want to know: What’s Essien’s vaccination status?

As you will notice, Essien is clearly clutching his chest while on the ground, which suggests that his fall, like Hamlin’s, was cardiac related. Old Dominion has yet to address that particular aspect of the incident, instead brushing off the incident as a minor blip in Essien’s performance.

On Twitter, some users were quick to respond to the ODU account with questions about Essien’s vaccination status. One of them wrote that it “was all the rage to ask in 2021,” adding: “Is that fad now over?”

Others wrote that covid shots never should have been mandated on sports players because clearly something is wrong as increasingly more of them suffer what appear to be cardiac-related events right in the middle of games.

Another person asked what the “excuse” will be for Essien’s fall:

“Dehydration, again?” this person wrote. “During the 1st quarter?”

Someone else chastised Old Dominion for “pushing these young men to be pharmaceutical test subjects,” again linking covid injections to Essien’s fall mid-game.

“Pharmaceutical companies are immune from lawsuits but you are not,” this person further warned.

Almost nobody seems to believe that Essien’s fall was some kind of random coincidence, seeing as how it is just one in a long line of other recent falls and collapses mid-game that never used to happen prior to the unleashing of covid “vaccines.”

“From January 2021 to present, 1,101 athletes died from cardiac arrest,” explained another commenter, pointing to this article from Good Sciencing that maintains an up-to-date tally of athlete cardiac events.

“Over a prior 38 years (1966-2004), 1,101 athletes under the age of 35 died due to various heart conditions … The same number of athletes died in the last TWO years as compared to a prior 38 years. And the numbers grow daily.”

Others noted that the establishment could end up blaming “long covid” for Essien’s collapse, assuming none of the other provided excuses stick.

The latest news coverage about the dropping suddenly phenomenon among athletes can be found at VaccineInjuryNews.com.

Ethan Huff

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