Light Deficiency as a Cause of Cancer

If a lack of light is a cause of cancer it means that light and vitamin D can be used to treat cancer. We all know that too much sun can cause cancer, we cannot bake and burn ourselves to a crisp without consequences. However, a lack of sunlight can also cause cancer. Vitamin D deficiencies (lack of light) … Continue reading Light Deficiency as a Cause of Cancer

Human Photosynthesis

Not only is the water in our cells sensitive to light so is everything else including our genetic material. The cells respond with hypersensitivity to influences that come from outside the cell. We are our cells and then we are more than that, more than the sum of our parts. What you are about to … Continue reading Human Photosynthesis

Love, Light and Comfort of a BioMat

Plants love to turn toward the light, they stretch for it, and so do we. Light, heat, color, warmth, energy, electrons, bio-photons, electricity, electromagnetism all interact with the water that is in us. In fact, not only do these forces interact with us they are us. We not only receive energy from the universe but … Continue reading Love, Light and Comfort of a BioMat