A Brief History of Live Blood Analysis

The technique of examining live blood under the microscope began in the early 1900s with the pioneering work of Prof. Gunther Enderlein in Germany. These researches were broadly appreciated at the time and were taken up by clinicians and scientists around the world, including Dr. Phillip Hadley in the United States. Typical microscopic examination of … Continue reading A Brief History of Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field and its Credibility

Biggest disadvantage of Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field is the fact it is based on observations and interpretations with no general scientific acceptance. Anybody with possibilities of self-publication has therefore the chance to voice his own interpretations. Thus was the situation over 50 years ago already and it will never change. However, practitioners doing … Continue reading Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field and its Credibility

Prion & Endobiont in live blood

Enderlein’s Endobiont and Prusiner's Prion Prof. Enderlein observed blood samples with the technique of dark field microscopy, which is also called live blood analysis. As the name suggests, the blood cells and particles are alive and not dead like in stained samples used by hematologists Bacteria for instance, can be seen in stained samples as … Continue reading Prion & Endobiont in live blood

What is a chondrit?

To this day, the cell is regarded as the ultimate organic unit, out of which all higher organisms are built up. Even Haeckel believed he had found the proto-organism in the one-celled protozoans. When I formulated the concept Symprotit and its sub-unit Protit as the primeval unit of life in the form of a quite … Continue reading What is a chondrit?


Acid Stress Almost every biological process in the human body depends on the acid-base balance of extracellular fluids (1). "Modern Western nutrition" produces a chronic subliminal metabolic acidosis (2). With increasing age the kidney function deteriorates. Therefore, the seriousness of this diet-related acidosis increases further (3,4). Iridology ("cotton wool" acid ring) and darkfield image (fibrin) … Continue reading ACID STRESS

Revisiting Enderlein’s Perspective in the 21st Century

As an individual who provides training in the Enderlein perspective, including the Live or Native Blood Analysis for the health care community, I am in contact with many individuals who are representative of divergent scientific and philosophical backgrounds. The queries that I receive during training sessions are often quite provocative and I have learned to … Continue reading Revisiting Enderlein’s Perspective in the 21st Century

What is Live Blood Analysis?

Darkfield Nutritional Microscopy Live Blood Analysis uses a drop of live blood from the patient's finger that has not been killed by staining, and viewed under a special microscope using a darkfield condenser. This enables the blood sample to be illuminated from the sides, making the various components phosphoresce behind a dark background. This makes … Continue reading What is Live Blood Analysis?

What is a Prion?

A prion protein is a naturally occurring protein that can be found throughout our bodies, and in high concentrations in the brain. In our live blood online course we are going step by step trough and explain how a healthy prion protein changes into an unhealthy prion, causing disease. A prion is a nonliving, self-replicating … Continue reading What is a Prion?