Female Fuzion™ is a premier, herbal hormone balance formula for women that helps to support normal energy levels, increase vitality and regulate mood.Not all women experience symptoms of menopause; however, for those that do, natural menopause treatment can help reduce a wide range of symptoms that may bring misery to a woman’s senior years. Menopause is the result of changing hormones, specifically estrogen and progesterone. The Mayo Clinic reports that 40 percent or more of women experience significant symptoms. As the body rebalances itself for the post-childbearing years, symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes, vaginal dryness, bleeding, irritability, moodiness and depression can appear. Natural menopause treatment with herbs, food remedies and homeopathic remedies can offer relief in place of dangerous HRT.

Treatment with herbs

Black Cohosh contains a plant-based estrogen that helps regulate hormones, offering relief to a wide range of women with menopause symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, itching, moodiness, depression and hot flashes.

Wild Yam is an excellent natural menopause treatment for regulating hormones, especially progesterone. This hormone plays a role in controlling moods, and is used to help with depression, moodiness, irritability and anger.

Ginseng has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years for many health conditions, including treatment of menopause. It is especially useful in keeping the vaginal walls supple and healthy, preventing drying, tearing and pain. Ginseng helps relieve insomnia, moodiness and hot flashes.

Food remedies

Phytoestrogens contain plant-based estrogens called isoflavones that provide natural relief for women with menopause symptoms. In a study performed at The University of Naples, Italy in 2005, it was reported that isoflavones were found effective in reducing hot flashes and relieving vaginal dryness during menopause. The recommended amount is 45 grams daily.

Phytoestrogens are found in a variety of foods such as sesame and flax seeds, red clover tea and soy. Although unfermented soy products are not recommended, fermented soy products such as tempeh, miso and natto contain high amounts of phytoestrogens, which help balance hormones during and after menopause. Be sure to only consume organic products that contain no GMO soy. Other foods with estrogenic effects are alfalfa sprouts, apples, barley, carrots, cherries, garbanzo beans, black-eyed peas, beets, garlic, oats, olive oil and sunflower seeds.

Flax seeds and flax seed oil is highly touted as one of the best estrogenic foods for natural menopause treatment. They are high in isoflavones, lignans and alpha-linolenic acid, which is converted during digestion to omega-3 fatty acids. Adding daily flax seed to the diet can help relieve a wide range of symptoms. Never heat flax seeds or the oil as this destroys their nutrient properties.

Homeopathy for menopause

Homeopathy offers various natural menopause treatments with several remedies being standouts for providing symptom relief.

Cimicifuga relieves all symptoms of menopause including night sweats and hot flashes, vaginal dryness, bleeding and mood swings. It is especially suited to women experiencing arthritic pains in the joints of the hands, headaches on the right side of the head and neck, and despairing depression.

Lachesis is well suited to women who experience extreme hot flashes, both day and night. The night time heat may be worse than during the day. There may be left-sided headaches and migraines. The woman needing Lachesis is often very talkative; and can be verbally nasty, making cruel, cutting remarks. These women tend to be on the warm side all the time and may crave alcoholic beverages.

Sepia is a natural menopause treatment for many symptoms. The woman needing Sepia may be chilly most of the time, except during hot flashes. She may weep easily and desire strenuous exercise or physical activity, which often relieves her symptoms temporarily. Sepia provides relief for sadness, indifference, moodiness, vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse.

JB Bardot

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