5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event film reveals how 5G is an assault weapon meant to destroy humanity

The Gut Health Kit is a program to cleanse, balance, and support your digestive system by combining four of our top products and a healthy diet.If you browse the mainstream media headlines here in the United States, you’ll be led to believe that 5G is an amazing, next-generation wireless technology that will make everything faster, easier, and more incredible. But this is all a lie, as 5G is really an advanced, military-grade assault weapon in disguise that’s being implemented as a final solution against a free humanity.

In the eye-opening film 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event by Sacha Stone, the ugly truth about 5G is revealed in full horrific detail. Not only will 5G invade every aspect of people’s lives, eliminating all privacy, but it also stands to become the most health-destroying technology ever created.


Contrary to the claims of those pushing for 5G to be implemented pretty much everywhere, this uber-nefarious technology is anything but safe. In fact, it exists in antithesis to life itself, the frequencies it blasts harming biological function down to the cellular level.

“It’s important to understand what the 5G is doing, and what they say it’s doing,” one of the film’s narrator warns. We’re told in the IEEE Beamforming document that this technology cooked your eyes like eggs in World War II.”

5G will be used in microwave radiation warfare, experts warn

It might be easier for some to simply convince themselves that 5G, despite its “side effects,” is still for our benefit. But as this film reveals, 5G represents the worst kind of microwave radiation known to mankind, and it’s absolutely going to be used as a weapon against humanity to enforce and maintain globalism.

“And you all need to understand that these are military weapons,” the film states. “These are assault frequencies. If you garner nothing more than that, that’s what you need to know. It’s microwave radiation warfare, is what this is.”

If you’re still not convinced, consider the words of former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman and Telecom Industry Lobbyist, Tom Wheeler, who during a speech he gave at The National Press Club offered up intentionally ominous words about the full extent of 5G’s purpose in the world.

“The first generation wireless, 1G, was voice,” he stated. “The second generation, 2G, allowed both talk and text. The third generation, 3G, the internet, in a limited way. And today’s technology, 4G, completed that digital migration. But if anyone tells you that they know the details of what 5G is going to become, run the other way.”

Mark Steele, Display Expert and Head of Weapons Systems at SaveUsNow.org.uk, warns that the LED streetlights that are being installed all throughout the West are already emitting 5G, not to mention harmful “blue” light that’s damaging to the eyes and to the human circadian rhythm.

“There’s a lot of confusion about what 5G is,” Steele warns. “5G, first and foremost, is densification. So, it’s significantly more transmitters in close proximity to the human, and it is also a sophisticated, illegal, unlawful transmitter. What I mean by that is it is a high-gear, dielectric lens antenna, and what that allows 5G transmitters to do is to 3D map its environment in your home.”

“The 868 Mhz frequency is specific for both field interrogations systems so gigahertz that allows the signal to travel through concrete brickwork with ease, and it can actually data gather,” he adds. “It can specifically target you as an individual, so any judge sitting on an interesting case, let’s say, any lawyer … anybody doing any work that is potentially controversial, your life could be at threat.”

5G is also the same technology used in crowd-dispersal weaponry, which the world is sure to see a whole lot more of as it shapes into a one-world globalist system.

You can watch 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event in its entirety on Rumble. Read more news about the dangers of 5G at 5Galert.com.

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