5G-Cell-Tower-Social-Media-LikesIn 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) expanded the over-the-air reception device (OTARD) rule to allow fixed wireless providers to deploy hub-and-relay antennas more quickly and efficiently, expanding 5G networks. For 5G to work, thousands of new, small cell antennae must be installed, in greater numbers and closer to customers. The OTARD expansion allowed just that, and the influx of radiation is causing public health issues.As Big Tech and the data collection industries profit from the network expansion, people are being poisoned by an influx of non-ionizing radio-frequency radiation. This influx of small cell antennae enable the transmission of millimeter waves from a multitude of new sources that will be concentrated nearby one another in order to work. As common public areas, schools and homes are outfitted with the equipment, there are unseen health consequences that occur silently over time. These may include oxidation of cells and DNA damage, among other health concerns.

Thousands of injured people contest the OTARD rule, implemented by the FCC to fast-track 5G installation

Cell Fuzion™ is an advanced antioxidant formula that protects cells against harmful free radicals and environmental toxins. It also supports healthy aging.A total of 15,090 people, represented by Children’s Health Defense (CHD) have submitted an Ex-Parte letter to the FCC to challenge the legality of the OTARD rule expansion which has allowed an influx of 5G towers on homes, multiplying radiation exposure to families. The signers include 6,231 who testify that they or their children have been injured by wireless radiation. The FCC will not be able to attack the integrity of the signatories because each signer was verified in advance.

Of the signers, at least 2,500 made comments to be heard by the FCC. Many of the comments explain the impact that wireless radiation has had on their life.

“My beautiful and beloved daughter died in 2011 at the age of 40 from the incurable brain cancer found to be caused by cell phone radiation by the US National Toxicology 10-year study of the effects of cell phone radiation,” wrote one signer.

A neuroscientist and researcher commented, “I know that radio frequencies and magnetic fields can affect human health. The fact that 5G has not been tested and is being fast-tracked for deployment is an attack on all US citizens.”

One signer addressed the “mystery illness” observed in U.S. diplomats that traveled to Cuba and China. The illness was “due to pulsed radio-frequency radiation” a health phenomenon that has been acknowledged by the National Academy of Sciences.

It’s these voices that need to be heard before the telecom industry expands their “Wireless Wild West” across every major city and town in the U.S.

Fast-tracked 5G is a public health nightmare and we are the guinea pigs

With small cell antenna deployment rapidly expanding, who is looking out for public health? How will radiation levels and their effects on individuals be measured over time? Over a million antennas are set to go up in the coming years as ground infrastructure for satellites, and we are the guinea pigs.

The OTARD expansion is a wildly irresponsible disregard for public health. If allowed to continue, wireless companies will be able to manipulate home owners to install cell towers on their homes, without the need for a permit, with no informed consent about the risks. Wireless companies can do this without asking for neighbors’ input or permission, and without considering the disabilities and other needs of surrounding neighbors.

Children’s Health Defense wrote that “the expansion of the OTARD rule would violate the Constitution and upend long-standing common law personal and property rights. The FCC does not have the authority to override people’s rights to bodily autonomy and their property-based rights to “exclude” the wireless radiation emitted by third parties from their homes.


Lance D Johnson

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