Science: It’s the lockdowns causing “excess deaths,” not coronavirus

9 Step Body Cleanse Kit | Ultimate Full-Body CleanseForcing people to stay at home rather than allowing them to live normal lives is responsible for all the “excess deaths” in Canada that the medical and political establishments are blaming on the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

This is according to a leading Canadian national statistics agency, which released a report indicating that the government’s response to the Chinese virus – not the virus itself – is what is killing more people this year compared to previous years.

Describing these deaths as “indirect consequences of the pandemic,” Stats Canada revealed that “delayed medical procedures” and “increased substance use” due to the lockdowns are both responsible for the death spike being seen all across the country.

“In the early months of the pandemic, the weekly number of excess deaths and deaths caused by COVID-19 were closely aligned and mostly affected older populations, suggesting that COVID-19 itself was driving excess mortality in Canada,” the group says.

“However, more recently, the number of excess deaths has been higher than the number of deaths due to COVID-19, and these deaths are affecting younger populations, suggesting that other factors, including possible indirect impacts of the pandemic, are now at play.”

Stats Canada estimates that in 2020, there were an estimated 296,373 deaths in Canada. This number is 13,798 deaths above and beyond what “experts” would have expected had there not been an alleged “pandemic.”

“This is about 5% more deaths than expected in that period,” the report explains.

At the same time, there was a spike all last year in overdose deaths, for instance. Drug users who otherwise would have been involved in substance abuse treatment programs were no longer able to attend their meetings, resulting in unabated drug use that killed many of them.

“For example, in British Columbia, the Chief Coroner’s Office has reported increases in deaths due to overdoses since the start of the pandemic,” the report explains.

“Similarly, Alberta Health Services reported decreases in both the provision and use of substance use treatment programs as well as increases in opioid-related emergency responses and deaths since the onset of the pandemic.”

The only people dying “from” coronavirus are unhealthy senior citizens with preexisting conditions

Stats Canada released another report about the social and economic impacts of lockdowns that came to similar conclusions. This one doubled down on the claims made in the first one while adding more examples of the “indirect consequences” that spiked Canada’s mortality rate.

Many Canadians have been unable to get cancer screenings, for instance, while others could not see mental health counselors. Both restrictions negatively impacted the health of those who needed such services to the point that some of them died.

“For colorectal cancers, a six-month suspension of primary screening could increase cancer incidence by 2,200 cases, with 960 more cancer deaths over the lifetime,” this second report explains.

As for breast cancer screenings, “a three-month interruption could increase cases diagnosed at advanced stages (310 more) and cancer deaths (110 more) from 2020 to 2029,” it goes on to state, adding that a “six-month interruption could lead to 670 extra advanced cancers and 250 additional cancer deaths.”

According to official government data, only 22,000 Canadians died “from Covid-19.” This includes the falsely attributed deaths that the above report says were caused by Covid-19 lockdowns rather than by the virus itself. Even so, the vast majority of these deaths occurred in people over the age of 70.

Meanwhile, more than 95 percent of those who have ever tested positive for the Chinese virus are now fully recovered. Children, teenagers, and young adults “do not have a high-risk for significant negative medical outcomes, including fatality,” statistical research shows.

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