Bats haven’t been sold at Wuhan wet markets for two years

The Kidney Cleanse Kit is a comprehensive way to cleanse your kidneys and rejuvenate your system. It includes Renaltrex®, Oxy-Powder®, and Latero-Flora™.Remember when Tony Fauci and the mainstream media were non-stop blabbing about how tainted bats at a Wuhan wet market were supposedly responsible for igniting the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic?” It turns out that bats have not been sold at any wet markets in Wuhan for over two years.

A new study published in’s Scientific Reports journal reveals that among the more than 50,000 “exotic” animals that have been sold at filthy Wuhan wet markets in recent years, not a one of them came from either the bat or pangolin family.

This revelation completely blows to bits the lie that the Chinese Virus randomly appeared in nature and somehow magically transferred to humans without a synthetic catalyst such as laboratory manipulation.

Five scientists looked at some 47,381 individual animals from 38 species, including 31 protected species, that were sold between May 2017 and November 2019 at Wuhan wet markets. This is what they concluded:

“We note that no pangolins (or bats) were traded, supporting reformed opinion that pangolins were not likely the spillover host at the source of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While we caution against the misattribution of COVID-19’s origins, the wild animals on sale in Wuhan suffered poor welfare and hygiene conditions and we detail a range of other zoonotic infections they can potentially vector.”

As it turns out, communist China had imposed a temporary ban on the wildlife trade, as well as a permanent ban on the “eating and trading” of “terrestrial wild (non-livestock) animals for food.”

“The ban raises the obvious question of why anyone would want to chow down on a bat or monkey, or worse, a pangolin,” writes R. Cort Kirkwood from The New American.

“The latter is a hideous, alien-like beast, also known as a scaly anteater.”

Why do Chinese people like to eat wild diseased animals?

For two years prior to the plandemic, these researchers say they were conducting “unrelated routine monthly surveys” among Wuhan’s 17 wet markets to see if they could identify the source of another illness called “tick fever” that causes “severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome,” or SFTS. This followed an outbreak in the Hubei Province between 2009-2010 that resulted in an unusually high initial case fatality rate of 30 percent.

It just so happens that these researchers were able to use the data they collected to take a look at the Wuhan Flu situation to see if the official story holds any weight whatsoever, which we now know it does not.

“On each visit, vendors were asked what species they had sold over the preceding month and in what numbers, along with the prices … the number of individuals available for sale at the time of each visit was noted,” the researchers wrote.

“Notably, vendors freely disclosed a variety of protected species on sale illegally in their shops, therefore they would not benefit from specifically concealing pangolin trade or the trade in any particular species, and so we are confident this list is complete.”

Though bats were not among the options available, marmots, badgers, raccoon dogs, and even hedgehogs were freely sold as “food.” Why would anyone want to eat such creatures?

All of this just goes to show that our government once again lied about a crisis to push another crisis. Americans and much of the rest of the world were told that unless we all wore a mask, stayed inside and got injected at “warp speed,” we would never survive a plandemic that was supposedly caused by bats.

It is now abundantly evident that all of this was a fabrication, and the science proves it.

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Ethan Huff

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