Dozens of peer-reviewed science papers prove that face masks are dangerous, ineffective

At least 47 published scientific papers confirm that face masks are utterly useless at preventing Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infection and spread, while another 32 point out the specific health damage caused by wearing a mask.

Contrary to government and media claims, face coverings are not in any way a solution to the alleged problem of Chinese Germs – even if fake “doctors” like Tony Fauci insist otherwise. At best, they are a placebo that make the fearful feel protected. At worst, they are a ritualistic rite of passage into the “new normal” that causes plenty of bodily damage along the way.

Plant-Based Vein Health
Promotes Healthy Veins & Circulation is an herbal circulatory system support formula that promotes blood vessel strength and elasticity for healthy blood flow throughout the body.Dr. Paul Elias Alexander wrote an article highlighting the litany of lies and misinformation that are being spread by the government about the plandemic, one of the most prominent being the idea that covering one’s breathing holes is somehow good for health.

One of the studies he highlights came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which found that a whopping 85 percent of people who contracted the Fauci Flu back in July 2020 were mask wearers. A mere 3.9 percent who tested “positive” for the Chinese Virus never wore a mask, demonstrating that not wearing a mask minimizes one’s risk of contracting the dreaded Wuhan Flu.

He also looked at a study involving “frontline” health care workers, which found that medical-grade face coverings were ineffective at preventing Chinese Virus infection and spread. If even these higher-tech breathing passage blockers did not work, how in the world can anyone say that a piece of t-shirt cloth or Chinese plastic works any better?

Wearing a mask is a recipe for early death

Several of the studies Alexander looked at found that it matters not whether a person wears a mask: rates of contagious disease are the same regardless, if not more prominent among people who mask up. Part of this is due to the fact that face coverings fail to prevent seal leakage.

Not only that, but the holes in most face coverings are far larger than the size of viral particles, meaning when a person breathes those pathogens move right through the fabric with ease – much like how mosquitos can easily pass through a chain-link fence.

The problem is even more pronounced when a person sneezes, which sends even more particulates through the already porous mesh due to their high velocity. One may as well not even be wearing a mask in the case of a cough or sneeze due to the fact that the viral material easily passes through the material.

Another consideration with masks is the way they tend to harbor disease-causing pathogens. Children who are forced to wear a mask at school all day, for instance, are potentially breathing in deadly viruses and bacteria, which are lodged right in front of the nose and mouth.

There is simply no sound science anywhere to be found that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that wearing a mask does anything other than virtue signal and show that you “care.” As far as providing any kind of protection, well, that is all just a bunch of pseudoscientific fantasy.

“No mask is available that will keep you safe,” wrote one commenter at Life Site News.

“An N-95 is for sanding. HD says ‘not for medical use.’ It will filter some wood while sanding. Look it up. The bug is in the micron range and lower. You have to use a rebreather, a sealed system, or air from home in scuba emergency air containers. You cannot breathe from your nose. Doing that will negate the point.”

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Ethan Huff

Sources for this article include:

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