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Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.The following article will give you a better understanding of the most common uses for iodine as a supplement, as outlined by clinical research and by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Additionally, you will also learn about a simple at-home test that can give you a better idea if you have an iodine deficiency. [1]

12 Iodine Uses

1. Neutralizes Radiation Exposure

Potassium iodine has been used to help individuals exposed to radiation by reducing the harmful accumulation of radioactive substances in the thyroid. However, It has been said that nascent Iodine may be 4-7 times more effective than potassium iodide and is much safer to use. [2]

2. General Use as a Sterilizing Agent

Almost all sterilization products for the body have iodine. It is a wonderful wound cleaner, and has even been used to purify water in tablet or liquid form. [3]

3. Preventing Goiter

Irritation of the throat area and thyroid gland is known as a “goiter”. To prevent this condition, it is suggested to take the daily recommended amounts of a nascent iodine supplement to boost overall thyroid health. [1]

4. Boosting Metabolism

Due to improper thyroid function, metabolism of the body may slow down. Supplementing with nascent iodine may help ensure the smooth functioning of the thyroid gland, which in turn helps regulate the metabolism. It can also aid the body in keeping warmth, steadying the heart rate, maintaining a health body weight, and promoting overall digestive health. Here are a few more tips to boosting metabolism. [5]

5. Harmful Organisms

A nascent iodine solution can be used to assist the body in fighting off harmful organisms. [36] Using an iodine tonic as a throat gargle is also helpful for a cough. Iodine also acts as an expectorant of mucous from the common cold and other respiratory ailments.

Healing With Iodine: Your Missing Link To Better Health

6. Breast Health

Much research is currently being conducted on the role of iodine in breast health and overall shape and function. [891011] Similarly, iodine is a key mineral in mother’s milk, and is passed on to children for their proper growth and development. However, most nursing mothers are extremely deficient in Iodine. [12]

7. Ovarian Health

Again, much research confirms the link between a lack of iodine and ovarian problems, such as cysts, and reproductive ability. [11]

8. Neurological Health

Children can suffer from mental illness and disabilities due to a lack of iodine. [1]  It is important that mothers supplement with this micronutrient as a preventative measure. I recommend using only a safe nascent iodine.

9. Vaginitis

Iodine douches have been used to reduce vaginal irritation, itching and discharge associated with chronic yeast imbalances. [13]

10. Eye Health

Iodine is commonly used as a treatment for a number of different eye conditions. It is also a natural protectant against UVB radiation. [15]

11. Skin and Hair Health

Iodine is a common aid for skin conditions, such as acne, as well as hair loss. [16] The healthy development of skin, teeth, nails and bone are all related to normal iodine levels. [1]

12. Powerful Antioxidant

Iodine is just as important as vitamin C in terms of antioxidant activity. Specifically, it is a strong antioxidant for the blood. [4] Learn more about the benefits of antioxidants.

Tips for Taking Iodine

Taking an iodine supplement is easy, safe and effective. Although it has a mild metallic taste, it can be taken in fruit juice or water.

Premium Nascent Iodine Supplement
Premium Nascent Iodine Supplement

Normally, iodine is taken in its sodium iodide form, but I recommend using a more bio-available form of nascent iodine. This form can more readily be absorbed by the human body and tissues.

Iodine Deficiency At Home Self Test:

  1. Purchase a USP Tincture of Iodine from your local drugstore. Use a cotton ball to absorb some iodine from the tincture.
  2. Rub about the size of a silver dollar of iodine on your upper inner arm midway between the bicep and tricep muscle. Note the time of application.
  3. If the brownish/orange color disappears within 2-4 hours after application you are extremely deficient and could use supplementation. If you are not deficient in iodine then the circle should remain slightly orange 24 hours later.

NOTE: USP Iodine tinctures or solutions you purchase at a drugstore are not for internal or supplemental use. Do not ingest! If you are deficient use a safe nascent iodine supplement.

SEE ALSO about Iodine Medicine

Drug Interactions: Consult with your doctor before supplementing with iodine if you are currently taking antithyroid drugs, Lithium or Warfarin, as iodine may interfere with the action of these medications.

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Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.

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