Hospitals are using vaccine mandates to engineer a staffing crisis so they can claim they’re “overrun” with patients

A nurse from Alberta, Canada, has written a letter debunking the myth that hospitals are being overrun with patients because of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

In truth, this person contends, the only crisis is “a staffing crisis that has been brewing for decades.”

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Even so, this individual expects to be terminated within the next few weeks for refusing to take an “Operation Warp Speed” jab in compliance with her employer’s demands.

“I am a loyal, reliable employee that has not had a sick day in 2 years, yet I will be terminated,” she laments.

As you probably well know by now, the official government claim is that hospitals are “full” of patients because some people are refusing to get vaccinated. The government also says that all doctors and nurses who refuse the jab have to be fired because they are supposedly putting patients at risk.

None of this is true, of course, but when has the truth ever mattered to the engineers of this contrived plandemic? Not once that this writer can recall, anyway.

“We have had 3 COVID deaths in 2 years,” this nurse went on to reveal in her letter.

“I am personally familiar with 2 of these deaths and both patients had life threatening pre-existing conditions. One of the patients that died was fully vaccinated.”

The nurse went on to explain that one of the patients received a “positive” PCR test, followed by a “negative” rapid antigen test. This just goes to show that even the tests are flawed and unreliable.

“These tests are not reliable and even the CDC said they should not be used,” the nurse says. “This is why there are so many people testing positive yet have no symptoms of illness.”

Canada’s corrupt socialist medicine policies are partially to blame for staffing crisis

As for the alleged “bed crisis,” the nurse says that this is a lie as well. She says she has been watching closely the number of acute care and ICU beds throughout her region and there is nothing out of the ordinary taking place.

“What we do have is a staffing crisis,” she says.

“This crisis is due to an aging population of both patients and staff. We started the year out with 10 doctors in my town. Three doctors have moved away. Two doctors are over 70 and are not covering our emergency department anymore. So, we are down to five doctors to work in their private practice AND to cover the emergency department 24/7.”

Another factor is Canada’s health care system policies, which cap the number of patients a doctor can bill for on a daily basis. This means that doctors are not seeing every patient who needs care because they are not being paid to provide that care past a certain point.

“Sorry, but you can’t expect these doctors to work for free,” the nurse says.

This whole disastrous situation is part of the reason why more than 3,100 doctors and counting have signed on to a letter calling for criminals like Tony Fauci to be held accountable for committing “crimes against humanity.”

None of this would be happening, at least not to this degree, had there never been a plandemic in the first place.

“Do we have a crisis? Yes, we do but it has nothing to do with COVID,” the nurse reiterates. “The crisis is from aging staff that have not been replaced with younger people. It is a problem of an aging demographic and poor planning by health authorities.”

More of the latest about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) deception within the health care industry can be found at

Ethan Huff 

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