Following Abbott’s executive order, unvaccinated Texas employees who were fired demand their jobs back

The Lone Star State is in chaos after Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order banning all entities from demanding proof of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination.”

Since many Texans were already fired or forced to resign from their jobs months ago due to Chinese Virus injection mandates, many of them are now demanding that they be re-hired due to Abbott’s order.

NeuroFuzion® is a vegan-friendly mental support formula that helps promote brain vitality, sharpens the mind, and encourages focus and mental clarity.“Gov. Abbott says very clearly, ‘whereas countless Texans fear losing their livelihoods because they object to receiving a Covid-19 vaccination for reasons of personal conscience,’” stated Attorney Jared Woodfill, who represents some 200 health care workers who have filed multiple lawsuits against Houston Methodist Hospital.

“That applies to every plaintiff that I represent, and every plaintiff that Methodist hospital thought it was appropriate to fire.”

Woodfill is planning to send a formal request to Houston Methodist that aims to reinstate every employee who was force to leave the facility due to its demand that they get injected with an “Operation Warp Speed” needle in order to keep their jobs.

Houston Methodist, by the way, which resides in a “red” state, was the first hospital system in the country to require that its employees take one of the “vaccines” brought into existence at “warp speed” by Donald Trump.

Of the 25,000 people who are employed at Houston Methodist, a paltry 178 were suspended for declining the jabs. Another 153 also voluntarily resigned or were fired due to wanting to keep their DNA and immune systems intact.

Houston Methodist, Baylor, IBM, Southwest and American all planning to defy Abbott’s executive order

Houston Methodist CEO Marc Boom issued a statement saying that he is “deeply disappointed” by Abbott’s order. Boom did not indicate whether or not he would try to put up a fight to stop the now-gone employees from returning to their posts.

“We are reviewing the order now and its possible implications,” a statement from the hospital explains.

“We expect all of our employees and physicians to be vaccinated as we must continue doing everything possible to keep all our patients and each other as safe as possible until this pandemic is over,” the statement further reads, adding that “not only are our patients safe as a result, but we are able to remain healthy at work and be there for our community when it needs us the most.”

Boom added in a statement that the Baylor College of Medicine, another conventional medicine facility in Texas, is planning to continue forcing Chinese Virus injections on employees despite Abbott’s order.

Other private employers in Texas, including Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and IBM, are similarly planning to defy the new rule and continue forcing their employees to get injected in order to remain employed.

Meanwhile, some companies in “blue” states are being a little less aggressive about Wuhan Flu shot mandates because they are fearful of losing their workforces if people quit in protest.

“My company is scared,” one person wrote on Zero Hedge. “Even in a left-leaning state supposedly 52% of us in the union are vaccinated. The number is probably higher for professionals, but likely no more than 65%. The media is touting 85% and that is laughable.”

“They are scared to lose a skilled workforce. With orders on the books backed up already they are scared that not a single deadline will be met, that quality will suffer, and that they will have a very hard time scrambling to replace centuries worth of cumulative experience. It’s a giant game of chicken, folks. Don’t blink, don’t shrink, don’t conform, don’t submit.”

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Ethan Huff 

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