It’s not over: Globalists still using COVID-19 to MIND CONTROL people into submission

Organic, Herbal Support for Restful SleepThe globalists are still using the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to exert control over the global population. In China, they’re doing this through dehumanizing lockdown restrictions, including separating children from their parents and forcing people to kneel while they wait to get their vaccine passports checked.

This is according to InfoWars founder and host Alex Jones, who said that creating a unified world government is only the beginning for the globalists.

“For globalists, global government is just the beginning,” said Jones. “They want to carry out forced depopulation. They’ve got to get you stunned and poisoned, they’ve got to get us to submit and to degrade ourselves and let our basic human rights be violated.”

As an example, he pointed to the now-viral video of Chinese citizens being forced to kneel in the street while Chinese authorities check their COVID-19 vaccine passports. The footage was recorded in Jinan in eastern China, a city of over nine million people.

“Generations of indoctrination come to this: People lining up, on their knees, waiting for Chinese storm troopers [to] scan their movement licenses-QR code vaccine passports,” wrote Twitter user Songpinganq, one of the first people to publish the video on Western social media platforms.

The video shows a long line of people either crouching or kneeling in the middle of the street or on the side. Several individuals in full personal protective wear are seen going through the line scanning people’s COVID-19 vaccine passports on their phones while they kneel.

“It makes it easier [to make you submit] if you kneel,” said Jones. “And so you have to wait in a stress position kneeling, in some cases for hours, until they come to you.”

Control programs escalating in China – parents now being separated from their children

Another situation Jones pointed out is how China’s tyrannical “zero-COVID” strategy has failed to do as it claims and prevent the spread of the coronavirus in China.

Shanghai is currently the epicenter of the current COVID-19 outbreak. This has prompted a fresh wave of lockdowns as Beijing orders the city to implement its ineffective “zero-COVID” strategy. (Related: Shanghai’s COVID lockdowns have “halted everything,” says business owner.)

Reports coming out of the locked-down city include locals claiming that the authorities are separating children from their parents, even if both are forced into COVID-19 quarantine facilities.

Reports coming in from Shanghai include many locals saying that authorities are forcibly separating children and babies from their parents, supposedly under the guise of keeping them safe from COVID-19.

Parents who bring their children in for testing and possible treatment at one of the city’s designated facilities are browbeaten into complying with authorities who want to take their children away from them and move them to official quarantine centers.

If both parent and child test positive, they are refused the chance of riding out the coronavirus together in the facility. This has left many families in the dark about the state of their children. On at least one occasion, a three-month-old child who was still breastfeeding was forcibly separated from his mother.

Captured images and videos of crying children being separated from their parents have gone viral on Chinese social media networks. Some were saved and copied onto Western social media platforms before Chinese censors took them down on their networks.

“Isn’t that insane?” said Jones. “All of it is a giant exercise of power and control.”

Learn more about globalist brainwashing programs at

Watch this video from InfoWars as Alex Jones talks about how the globalists are still using the COVID-19 pandemic to brainwash and mind control the population.

This video is from the InfoWars channel on

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Arsenio Toledo 

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