FDA committee says children as young as six need to take Moderna’s COVID injections

This premium Turmeric liquid supplement, extracted from organic Curcuma longa root, is packed with antioxidants that support the colon, liver, and more.The United States is just days away from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially granting “emergency use authorization” (EUA) for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” to be injected into children as young as six.

An FDA advisory committee offered its blessing to the Moderna shot, claiming that kindergarteners through high schoolers should roll up their sleeves for it despite the immense heart inflammation risks.

Moderna had previously asked the FDA to authorize its jab for teenagers 12-17 last summer, only to have the agency hold off due to evidence suggesting that the Moderna jab is more deadly than the Pfizer jab. The FDA has since changed its mind, however, and is now pretending as though the shots are perfectly safe for kids.

Even though international data shows that the jabs are dangerous, U.S. “surveillance” came to the opposite conclusion, declaring that Moderna’s injection is no more deadly than the Pfizer injection – both are equally deadly, in other words.

CNBC claimed that the FDA advisory committee is made up of “independent immunization experts” who just so happened to come to the conclusion that Fauci Flu shots are “safe and effective” for small children, and that they should get injected right away.

This committee voted unanimously to recommend the shots for children, citing clinical trial data from Moderna claiming that there is no risk of myocarditis, a type of heart inflammation, in young children who take them.

Paul Offit says children need three doses of Moderna to stay “safe”

However, we are told that this internal company data was contrived before the omicron (moronic) variant of the Chinese Virus appeared, which further calls into question its legitimacy.

Whether children should get one, two, three or even more injections in order to stay “protected” is still up for debate.

Dr. Doran Fink, a senior official at the FDA’s vaccine office, claimed that Moderna is procuring “evidence” right this moment that will support a push for children as young as six to take three injections of the messenger RNA (mRNA) shot for maximum protection.

The child-sized dose for children aged six to 11 would contain 50 micrograms of whatever the vials contain, while children 12 to 17 would receive double that amount at 100 mcg, the same dosage that adults receive.

Dr. Paul Offit “for profit,” another FDA committee member, said that two doses are unlikely to provide enough protection against mild moronic illness, which is why he, too, is pushing for children to receive a third dose.

“I think the benefits clearly outweigh the risks, but I say that with the comfort being provided that there will be a third dose,” Offit declared. This is the same Offit, by the way, who infamously declared that babies can safely receive 10,000 vaccine injections at once.

“If that was not true, I wouldn’t feel the same way. We’re not in the same part of this pandemic anymore. It’s a different time.”

Before the jabs can be made available to young children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will need to sign off on them as well, allowing pharmacies and physicians to start lining up children for warp speed injections.

Children as young as five are also now allowed to take the mRNA injection from Pfizer and BioNTech, though very few in this age category have gotten them. According to the Wall Street-controlled media, only 30 percent of children aged five to 11, and 60 percent of teens aged 12 to 17, are considered “fully vaccinated” as of June.

You will find more of the latest news about Chinese Virus injections and the continued push to jab every child with them at VaccineWars.com.

Ethan Huff

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