Judge orders Fauci and his co-conspirators to release records showing plandemic collusion between government and Big Tech

Mycozil™ is a natural, vegan-friendly blend of potent herbs and enzymes to support detoxification of yeast and undesirable fungal organisms from the body.United States District Judge Terry Doughty, a Donald Trump appointee, has ordered Tony Fauci, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and other officials in Joe Biden’s regime to immediately release all documents pertaining to the federal government’s collusion with Big Tech over the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic.

A lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri led to the initial release on August 31 of what The Epoch Times describes as a “tranche of discovery” implicating more than 50 government officials across a dozen federal agencies. Some officials, however, refused to cooperate.

Among them are Fauci, who currently serves as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) – Fauci is conveniently about to resign from his post after decades of federal “service.” Another is Jean-Pierre, who has yet to comply with the court order. (Related: Fauci’s wife Christine Grady also played a role in unleashing mass plandemic genocide specifically on children.)

“First, the requested information is obviously very relevant to Plaintiffs’ claims,” Doughty said. “Dr. Fauci’s communications would be relevant to Plaintiffs’ allegations in reference to alleged suppression of speech relating to the lab-leak theory of COVID-19’s origin, and to alleged suppression of speech about the efficiency of masks and COVID-19 lockdowns.”

“Jean-Pierre’s communications as White House Press Secretary could be relevant to all of Plaintiffs’ examples,” he added.

Fauci’s (and Jean-Pierre’s) days are numbered

Doughty also brought up the suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop right before the 2020 presidential election, as well as Big Tech’s obvious censorship spree that aimed to cover up all speculation about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) being a manufactured hoax.

Doughty has given Fauci and Jean-Pierre 21 days to comply with his order. Fauci must also provide complete answers to a series of questions pertaining to his role as NIAID director, also within 21 days.

“We know from the previous round of discovery that efforts to censor the speech of those who disagree with the government on covid policy have come from the top,” said Jenin Younes, litigation counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance and a lawyer for some of the plaintiffs.

“Americans deserve to know Anthony Fauci’s participation in this enterprise, especially since he has publicly demanded that specific individuals, including two of our clients, Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, be censored on social media.”

“It is time for Dr. Fauci to answer for his flagrant disregard for Americans’ constitutional rights and civil liberties.”

Another uncooperative entity in this process is the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which we know tried to set up an entire censorship division before that division was ultimately ruled to be unconstitutional.

HHS continues to stonewall the discovery process, refusing to reveal the role it has played in the federal government’s “censorship enterprise” across the social media gamut.

HHS says the NIAID, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Office of the Surgeon General are all subagencies that likely have and will be required to procure the records requested.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is also complicit, though it is trying to argue that having to procure the documents demanded by Doughty is “unduly burdensome and disproportionate to the needs of the case.”

Doughty did express agreement that requiring all 80,000-or-so HHS employees to search for relevant documents would be overly burdensome. However, he pinpointed specific people already identified in documents procured by Meta, Facebook’s parent company, as needing to comply, or else face potential charges of obstruction of justice.

The latest news about the coming justice for the plandemic perpetrators can be found at Pandemic.news.

Ethan Huff

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