Promotion: for the time from March 20th to March 31th 2022 you can get our live blood online course 50% off the normal price

Organic Support for a Strong Immune SystemThe interactive Live Blood CD and the Certified Training Live Blood Analysis online course is hold by Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD, by email, video chat after appointment.

The interactive Live Blood CD usually 119 USD now for 59 USD (this CD can also without the course purchased) in our Darkfield Microscopy online one by one training (downloadable after payment) has many videos, pictures and explanations, but will be not enough, from our experience over the last 10 years, to understand the background of this topics. It helps us a lot to teach in the correspondence course to pointing certain topics out and underline, our explanation and will be easier for you to understand your questions (in our online course is the CD included plus 2 detailed manuals with explains the whole concept of pleomorphism in theory and practice. If you want to listen some testimonials, what other students say. (Related: Recommend books for our Live Blood Analysis Course)

If you are interesting in our online course with Dr. Eddy, the outline for the course you will find here. What we offer you in our online live blood analysis course:   You can choose, you want to buy the full online course with Dr. Eddy’s one by one training via email, also can be arranged an appointment for online conference via zoom (option 1: usually $320 NOW $160
you can pay the course fee direct via PayPal) or you are interesting only to purchase the live blood CD (option 2: usually $120 NOW $59
you can pay the course fee direct via PayPal). After we receive your course fee payment, we will contact you and send you the links where you can download the course material.  

  1. I want to buy online course with Dr. Eddy one by one training, include the Live Blood CD and 2 comprehensive course manuals here  usually $320 NOW $160 (course outline here) more questions? contact us here.
  2. I’m only interesting for now to buy the Live Blood CD here usually $120 NOW $59
  3. More details: What is the Live Blood Analysis interactive course CD?

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