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Livatrex® is an enhanced vegan-friendly, herbal blend that supports liver detoxification and promotes normal, healthy function of the liver and gallbladder.Dandelion, or Taraxacum officinale, is a plant that is native to Europe but found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. In many part of the world, it’s consumed as food (dandelion wine?) and also has a prominent role in herbal therapy. In traditional Chinese medicine, among others, dandelion is used to support liver health, nourish bones and joints, and stimulate urinary function to promote cleansing. But, let’s face it — plenty of worthless weeds were once used as cure-all tonics, right? Well, yes, but hold on a second. Modern research has conducted several inquiries into dandelion and actually found that its reputation is with merit, as the plant contains many health-promoting phytochemicals. [1] Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of dandelion leaf.

Does Dandelion Leaf Contain Nutrients?

They do more than just look good, many flowering plants offer significant biological potency. Nutritionally, dandelion contains calcium, potassium, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C, and D. But, it’s real power extends much deeper. Clinical inquiries have found that dandelion is full of natural, health-promoting compounds including alkaloids, steroids, and triterpenoids. [2]High concentrations of kynurenic acid, which supports the digestive system, are also found not only in the leaves, but the entire plant. [3] Dandelion leaf is loaded with beneficial antioxidants that produce a range of positive effects for human health, including protection for the cardiovascular system. [4] [5]

Does Dandelion Leaf Offer Liver Support?

Among the primary benefits of dandelion leaf is the way it supports liver function. Earlier this year, researchers found that dandelion leaf supplementation promoted healthy lipid profiles, reduced insulin resistance, and suppressed fat accumulation in the livers of mice. These benefits are likely due to its antioxidant content and ability to calm systemic redness and irritation. [6]

Oddly enough, some research even suggests that dandelion leaf may protect the liver from acetaminophen toxicity. Now, let’s be clear — if you’re suffering from acetaminophen toxicity you need to get yourself to some professional help, it’s not the time to self-diagnose via the internet. But, for the sake of conversation… acetaminophen can produce oxidative stress which is especially hard on the liver. Antioxidants like those within dandelion seem to be among the best alternative therapies. [7]

What Are Some Other Benefits of Dandelion Leaf?

The pluses that allow dandelion to benefit the liver — its astounding antioxidant activity and its ability to resist systemic redness and irritation — also benefit other parts of the body. [8]

  • Normal bile production supports efficient digestion which utilizes nutrients and purges toxins.
  • Encourages fat metabolization, which is an excellent forward to achieving normal lipid levels.
  • Helps to purify the blood.
  • Promotes normal blood sugar levels.

Supplementing With Dandelion Leaf

There are many types of dandelion supplements to choose from; liquid extracts, pills, and tea are among the most common. Dandelion leaf is also an ingredient in many dietary supplement formulas, especially those that support liver health. It’s best only to purchase supplements that contain organic dandelion leaf that has not been exposed to pesticides or other chemicals.

The leaf isn’t the only part of the dandelion plant that offers health-promoting nutrients. Dandelion root is also held in high regard for its therapeutic properties. Global Healing Center has harnessed the power of organic dandelion root extract in Livatrex®, our potent blend of dandelion and other organic herbs. It’s a formula that promotes detoxification and normal function of the liver and gallbladder.

If you have used dandelion leaf before, please leave a comment below and share your experience with us!

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