Health Ranger launches 'A Blueprint for Safer Vaccines' - calls for reforming 'barbaric' immunization technology

When CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson recently confessed to scientific fraud for the purpose of hiding links between MMR vaccines and autism, members of the public were outraged. People everywhere are now asking, “Why does the CDC insist in hiding the truth about vaccine side effects?” Why can’t they just tell the truth?

Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.The reason is because present-day vaccines are based on a barbaric, outmoded manufacturing technology which subjects all our children to unnecessary risks. But the vaccine industry has been granted absolute legal immunity from defective products, so there’s no incentive for improved safety or innovation in vaccines.

In the interests of protecting our children from unnecessary vaccine damage, I’m now launching a blueprint for safer vaccines. This is a call for scientific progress in immunization technology and vaccine delivery which can eliminate most of the present-day risks linked to vaccines.

The full details of this call for improved vaccine safety are found in this one-hour video (audio) presentation detailing each point.

Here’s the full video as published on YouTube:

What follows are the notes and outline for the “Blueprint for Safer Vaccines” program:

Present-day myths and delusions of the vaccine industry explained

– The myth of absolute safety
– The Vaccine Injury Compensation program
– Why all invasive medical treatments carry some inherent level of risk

How vaccines really work

– The “rehearsal” theory of immunization
– Immune system response and adaptation
– Vectors of infection: injection vs. mucous membranes, etc.

Why vaccines are presently so dangerous (but don’t have to be)

– Injection vector is not what happens in the wild
– Use of toxic preservatives, used for convenience of vaccine manufacturer
– Example of partially hydrogenated oils in factory foods: benefits the manufacturer, harms the customer
– Mercury is still present in vaccines at 25,000 higher concentration than EPA limit of mercury in drinking water
– Why mercury is far safer in foods than in injections
– What I discovered about mercury binding in ICP-MS laboratory testing
– Why mercury is really used in vaccines
– Why it is NEVER “safe” to inject mercury into a child
– The real reason the CDC refuses to remove toxic mercury from vaccines
– Why Natural News demands mercury-free medicine for humanity

Improved technology to make vaccines safer

– On-site viral fragment generator (additive protein micro-manufacturing)
– Key advantages: No preservatives needed, no inventory or delivery logistics, can easily adapt to viral mutations, no need for UV “weakening” of viruses
– Would allow doctors to more quickly respond to epidemic outbreaks

Dangers of vaccine adjuvants

– Why adjuvants are added to vaccines
– Why adjuvants can be replaced with a pre-vaccine nutrient therapy
– The fallacy of vaccines: they don’t work on the very people who need them most
– Vaccines really only work on people who already have strong immune systems and don’t need vaccines
– Vaccine research fraud: Merck virologists confess to spiking blood samples with animal antibodies to defraud the FDA
– Why vitamin D could make vaccines work far better
– Why the vaccine industry will never promote vitamin D as a complementary nutrient therapy for boosting vaccine efficacy
– Why toxic adjuvants may multiply the toxicity of mercury preservatives in vaccines

Why the vaccine industry has no incentive to create safer vaccines

– Industry already has total legal immunity from harm caused by vaccines
– Disease outbreaks actually promote disease hysteria and encourage more vaccinations
– Vaccine makers have clear incentive to manufacture faulty products that don’t work
– Why mumps outbreaks often occur among children already vaccinated against mumps
– The medical establishment can never admit the existence of any nutrient which might help prevent pandemics – this is the most dangerous idea in health and healing and must be suppressed and censored by the medical establishment at all costs

Why altering the schedule of immunization could make vaccines safer

– The truth about why giving vaccines too early causes an increased risks of autism
– Relative risk of autism can be reduced by delaying immunization
– Vaccines can never be made safer until the vaccine industry admits present-day safety is not absolute
– Spreading out the vaccines to eliminate the biological burden of simultaneous vaccines
– Why multiple vaccines given all at once may increase the risk of vaccine adverse effects
– Why the vaccine industry will not conduct comparison studies of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children

Vaccine dogma, censorship and bad science

– Why scientific questions are not allowed to be asked about vaccines
– The present-day medical environment of scientific dictatorship
– Why people who ask questions are an important part of the scientific process
– Why vaccine whistleblowers are the only ones promoting real progress for the future of safer vaccine technology
– Why censorship of vaccine questions promotes yet more harm to children
– Why the whole world owes an apology to Dr. Andrew Wakefield
– The sacred role of the whistleblower in the history of scientific progress

Making vaccines safer: a look into the future

– Why history will show mercury-laced vaccines are a “barbaric” technology
– Why victory against mercury in vaccines will be achieved in our lifetime
– The extreme danger to society posed by any scientific dictatorship where skeptical questions are not allowed
– Why I’m demanding safer vaccines in the name of credible science and transparency
– My goal is to make immunization safer for the benefit of all humankind
– Does anyone in America have the courage to stand up and call for safer vaccines?
– Why it is reasonable and rational to call for safety improvements that can protect our children from vaccine dangers

Join me in calling for safer vaccines!

Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.

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