Unfortunately, Pasteur’s confusion of disease with its symptoms, has come down through the generations as scientific law. To this day, conventional medicine operates under this central misconception, often identifying a pattern of symptoms and labeling them as a disease, without any consideration of the underlying cause of the symptoms. And if the underlying cause isn’t considered, it can’t be addressed.

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Symptoms may be masked with drugs, but that won’t eradicate them. And it doesn’t deal with the accompany deterioration of the rest of the body, or, of course, do anything about the acids underlying it all.

The truth is symptoms are just indications that you are overly acidic. Symptoms are caused by acidic food and lifestyle choices. The so-called disease is a general, underlying condition of acidity. If germs are involved, they are themselves just symptoms of that underlying acidic condition. Remember that germs come from within our cells, and that germs invading from outside the body can only contribute to a state of imbalance and stimulate secondary symptoms. What most people call disease is really just a collection of these secondary symptoms. Germs are really just the expression of the underlying so-called disease condition (over-acidity and then evolutionary microform overgrowth). In the same way that a fired bullet does the damage, not the smoke from a fired gun, it is the acid that kills, not the associated germs.

Over the last century or so, mainstream science has wrongly told the public that they have identified the precise cause or causes of some so-called disease. An example would be the relationship of smoking and lung cancer or obesity and heart problems. And yet, for many other serious so-called diseases, they admit they are still baffled and they need more research–and more of our money for that research. It is important that if you want to be responsible for your own body and the future of your own health, you must start from the premise that acid is the immediate cause of all the symptoms that are bothering you.

You may know the joke about the inebriated fellow looking for his keys under the street lamp. He said he dropped his keys up the block, but he was looking in this spot because that’s where the street light was. It’s the same with medical research. They are doing almost NO research where the problem is and where the solution lies…at the intersection of nutrition and blood.

Instead, they are looking at symptoms because that’s where the research money from the medical machine and the pharmaceutical companies is focused. The pharmaceutical companies support research that brings them more labels, products and profits….not research that’s actually going to find the keys. Actually finding the keys would put them out of business!

So it is in this sense that I say “there is only one ‘disease.'” And that one disease is acidosis. Thus, the thousand plus names for so-called diseases are simply a compendium of symptoms. These symptoms are the body’s creative and intelligent ways of keeping acid focused on some less vital area of the body…..and not the critically delicate balance of the blood. If all of this acid were to get directly to the blood, you WOULD BE DEAD in just days or even hours.

The ONLY solution is to alkalize and energize the body!
Dr. Robert O. Young

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