CDC admits false positives are being “mistakenly” included in official coronavirus data

Plant-based Immune-BoostAll day every day, the mainstream media continues to hammer home fear about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which supposedly is “spiking” all around the country. But according to new evidence, there are so many false positives being “mistakenly” reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by health officials that nobody can really say for sure what is actually true.

What we do know, at the very least, is that the number of new cases is drastically overinflated, not to mention that nobody in any position of authority can clarify what a “case” actually entails. Does a “case” mean a person is sick and showing symptoms, or does it merely mean that a person tested positive, with a possible false result?

As we saw in Florida, upwards of 100 percent of so-called “positive cases” may actually be negative cases due to faulty testing protocols and mishandling of lab results. Consequently, the plandemic may not be anything close to what certain factions are claiming it is.

Because of this plethora of problems, the Trump administration has created new guidelines for testing that require all hospitals and testing centers to bypass the CDC entirely. Instead, Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) data will now go directly to a central database in Washington, D.C., where it will be handled by other entities.

There is also a prolific problem of positive antibody tests being lumped in with viral tests for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which is seriously skewing our country’s positivity rate.

“Health officials from numerous states have mistakenly included positive results from antibody tests when reporting new COVID-19 cases to the CDC, grossly inflating new cases,” wrote Fox News contributor and physician Nicole Saphier in a tweet. Doing this, she further explained, is the “scientific equivalent to ‘double-dipping.’”

A positive antibody test for coronavirus typically only means that a person had a cold at one point in time

The problem with the antibody test specifically is that a positive result is practically meaningless, as all it shows is that a person at one point in time was infected with a virus from the same coronavirus family that causes the common cold. In other words, it is a false alarm and bad science, though this is what the lockdown-pushing, mask-promoting Left considers to be the “facts.”

The Trump administration says that inside sources have confirmed that the CDC is actively fudging the numbers, either by double-dipping or by reporting false positives. In some cases, people who are not even being tested are somehow receiving positive test results for tests they never took.

Evidence has also emerged to suggest that the CDC, at one point, was taking up to seven weeks to compile data and statistics on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), and only under pressure started to report them all at once with a multi-week lag. This would explain the sudden “surge” that the mainstream media claims is taking place, but that the vast majority of everyday folks are unable to discern or observe anywhere around them in real life.

“So HHS took over data reporting from CDC,” tweeted Emerald Robinson, who broke the news about the CDC’s deception. “HHS is able to compile & report this data daily.”

Robinson further claims that she is getting flooded with messages from folks who claim that they signed up for a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) test, went to a testing site, but left early because of long lines. These same people were later notified, simply because their information from the sign-up went into a database that they had “tested positive.”

“Despite not taking the test, they get notified later that they’ve tested positive,” she further tweeted, citing examples in Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida, among others.

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Ethan Huff

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